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Monday 7 June 2010

Let it rain !!!!

Good morning.

What a couple of days weather wise. You know us Brits we just love to talk about the weather. Living on a boat, you cannot but help chat about the weather, as it affects us quite a lot.
Before I get on to that subject though, we had a little visitor in the engine room. It was a Brimstone Moth. Now like most people I have seen many moths over the years, but never this one. it was such a pretty little thing, but not really welcome on the boat. Not only that Marmite would have loved it as a starter to her dinner. So having taken this photo, I scooped it up and put it outside. Just as well I am not scared of Moths LOL. 
So the weather. We have had a real mixed bag over this past few weeks. Firstly it is cold and then we are all getting burnt. It was inevitable that we were going to get some much needed rain and we were not disappointed. Having had the thunderstorm the night before, we were subjected to yet another on yesterday afternoon. It rained so hard that the water in the basin looked like it was boiling.
There will be many places on the system really glad of the water, because I heard the other day that they have closed parts of the Leeds and Liverpool between Appley Bridge and Poolstock due to lack of water. It will not be long before hosepipe bans come in, if we do not get some more rain soon. There is a real worry on the canal, that other areas maybe closed due to lack of water, which will affect not just Private Boaters, but also Hire Fleets. Some of this problem can be made easier if boaters share double locks with other boats and make sure that gates and paddles are closed after use. I am not saying this will stop stoppages, but it will help. We are always being asked to conserve water. British Waterway's put's up notices asking boaters to help save water. But still many take no notice.
Due to the rain yesterday, today is much fresher. it is really quite pleasant today.
My day will be spent, doing laundry and cleaning inside the boat. So not a huge story, but these jobs need to be done.
Have a lovely day.

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