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Tuesday 8 June 2010

Tuesday Rant.

Hi folks.

It is still raining outside. This is just what is needed to top up the canals and rivers. Because there are already water problems. This does not bode well for the Summer if we do not get enough rain.
You maybe thinking that having wet weather and living on a boat do not mix, but the weather really does not bother me whilst on the boat. It is all about living with it. I have proper wet weather clothing for when we are on the move, so I make sure I stay dry. Keeping warm is also important. If you get wet and then cold it can make you feel miserable.

On the subject of being miserable. I am not so much miserable, just everso slightly grumpy.
This morning began ok, I woke up without my shoulder hurting, so that was an absolute plus. I even slept prettty well as did the other half.
He had an doctors appointment at 9am, so we had to be up quick smart. I walked the dog, then sorted out breakfast and a cuppa, before we donned our wet gear to walk to the doctors. The news from him was good. Hubby can stop taking all of his tablets which is fantastic and we can now get on with having a life. And more importantly we can move at long last. This will be good news for everyone connected with us. This past couple of days has been a nightmare, because the hospital has been giving us the run around. We were told then when Keith had his operation, they took biopsies and he would get the result after 2 weeks. So we have waited and waited and nothing. I rang twice last week to be told, were we sure they did biopsies. My reply was "yes". So yesterday I rang again, to be told "yes they did do something, but to get an appointment urgently the outcome would be poor". The best they could offer was July 8th, which was no use whatsoever, as we have to move. So Keith then rang and laid things on the line, he also spoke to PALS (Patient Advisory Liason Service) who as always were a great help. Keith left everyone in no doubt that he was fed up with being given the run around. Having seen the GP we have been reassured that we can now go off. So I have rung the hospital and told them that we are now leaving and could Keith have an appointment for his 3 month check up in October, as we will not be back until then. This has been done without any fuss this time. So sorted at long last.

At our surgery they have electronic board which calls you to your GP's room, this board also gives out messages and the one message that got my grumpy mood started was the fact that 264 people did not go to their appointments last month. That is completely appauling. This means that 8.5 people a day did not go to their appointment. Do these people not have a phone to cancel if they cannot make it?
I think those 264 people are totally selfish. There can be no excuse for not cancelling an appointment, whether it be with a GP or nurse. I guess you could say. What if that person had died, or had been rushed into hospital?
Even if that was the case, surely a family member of friend could make that call, so that someone else can take that slot. People complain that they cannot get an appointment, and now we know why.

Whilst on the subject of being at the doctors. In the waiting room there are notices up, asking that you refrain from smoking and would you please turn off you mobile phone whilst in the building, so why is it everytime we are down there, there are people using their mobile phones???
Before entering the building we always switch our phones off. It is not difficult. The last time we were down there. I approached a woman who was texting on her phone, right in front of the sign. I said to her "Excuse me, the sign says switch your phone off". Her reply way "I did not see it". Geesh it is flippin big and bold enough. Once again selfish people.

I am probably sounding like a grumpy old woman, but it gets my back up when people are so disrespectful to others. I try so hard to think of others, when I do or say anything. Maybe I am living my life incorrectly?
Ok rant over with for today.... I will put it down to a Menopausal morning.

The good news is my Tesco food delivery was early this morning. Thank you Mr Tesco delivery man. Having our food delivered has been an absolute godsend.

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