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Tuesday 15 June 2010

It won't hurt a bit.

Hi folks.

One day to go and counting. Yep tomorrow we are off yippee, we cannot wait to finally get underway.

This morning I was up with a spring in my step. I had a lot of things rushing in my head of the things I needed to get done. So I have had a day of washing and drying laundry. I then had to think of all the other things I could get done and it has to be said that some of them have to wait until tomorrow, such a filling the water tank. So I also did not want to over do things, knowing I had my Physio at 1pm.


I spent some of the morning chatting to the friends we had made since being in Market Harborough. I know we will see them again at the beginning of October, but I felt it right and proper to say thank you to them all for their help, whilst we have been here. I got hubby to lift my bike back into the hold. I did help him but need to take things easy.

We had an early lunch, because I had Physio at 1pm , so after lunch we walked down to the Cottage Hospital for my appointment. Now there was I expecting to be examined as it said on my letter from the hospital to wear a vest, which I did. But after waiting in the waiting area, listening to one woman who had been waiting for over an hour to be seen. I got called in 5 minutes after my appointment time. maybe this other woman had upset someone there LOL. So I was already to strip off, so the Physio could examine my shoulder, when she started asking me questions about my injury. I was still expecting to have to lie on the bed, but no she just asked me to lift my arm above my head, which is not easy at the moment. The Physio did not lay her hands on me once, which I find a little odd. Instead she gave me an instruction sheet and two large pieces of rubber strips to use for exercises and that was that. The one really good thing was she understood about living on a boat and the problems that can cause, because she has friends who live on a boat at Willow Tree Marina near London. It was refreshing to hear from someone in the Medical profession that they understood our way of life.

Whilst in the town we picked up a cooling wrap to put in the freezer for my shoulder, should it get angry when I do the swing bridge or locks tomorrow. I also need some stamps, as I have Birthday cards to post soon. I like to keep a selection of cards on the boat and the stamps to go with them. If I am in a town anywhere, I will pick up cards and put them in my Birthday box. Back onboard, it was time for a well earned coffee and a couple of Shortbread biscuits. Tonights dinner is going to be a Curry, and for pudding Strawberry Cheesecake with fresh Strawberries mmmm.

At the moment we are watching football and will be all evening. So you all have a good evening.

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