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Friday 25 June 2010

Oh what a day.

Hi Folks.

Oh what a day it has been.
It began for me at 4am. I was up listening to the dawn chorus.
Because I felt I was carrying around a lump in my stomach. I have absolutely no idea why, because I did not eat anything different last night. So I sat up until 5am and played on my Nintendo, wondering if I was going to throw up. When I did get back to bed, I slept until around 7.30am and was then up and doing the usual morning things.
Bog on NB Glenfield, offered us a lift into Tesco's at Daventry, so we accepted his offer, as it was a chance to stock up the cupboards. With it being so hot, we are living off of salads at the moment, so I got plenty of that in and other bits. We arrived back and Andy and his dog Lyra paid us a visit. So the kettle went on for coffee's all round. I then made us and Bob some lunch, it was the least i could do for Bob, after he took us shopping.
With lunch over, we waled down the locks to see if any more boats had arrived and they certainly had, it was extremely busy.
This photo is from a couple of days ago. The pound is now filling up with boats nicely, making life difficult for any other boats to get through. It is really quite funny to watch as people struggle to get by in spaces which really you could get a couple of double decker busses through.
It was nice to carch up with people we have not seen for a while, like Sarah on Chertsey, who we last saw in 2009 at the Rickmansworth Boat Festival. Since then she and her husband have bought Chertsey and are restoring her. It was nice to see them at Braunston. They had a lovely journey to get to Braunston and if you see Sarah she is wearing a perminant smile. She is so happy with nher boat. We also said hello to Sue from NB Thea, she is on our Facebook page as is Kerry Dainty, who we had never met in person. It is always wonderful to put faces to names. I do however get really annoyed when people choose to ignore me when I speak to them, especially when they know me. I spoke to one person a couple of times and felt like they were just looking straight through me. There is absolutely no need for being ignorant, as I have only ever been polite to them. Still my friendship is their loss. I can certainly live without knowing them, if they want to be that ignorant. I am the sort of person who will chat to anyone. I am a people person, but if i feel I am wasting my time, then I will walk away. Having chatted to loads of people and looked at loads of boats, we walked back up the locks with Bob, who bought us all a Mint Cornetto (My favourite). By the time we got back to the boat we were everso slight worn out, but I had cakes to make as Tom on Ara and Archimedes asked if I would make him a Victoria Sandwich and who am I to refuse such a lovely young man. He also wanted my winter back cabin curtains, because he did not have any for his butty. I was happy to help him out. Only because he reminds me so much of my son. So I made two Victoria Sandwiches. One for Tom and the other for us. I then did our dinner, which was a salad yet again.
With dinner done, I packed the cake and curtains into a bag, put the lead on Paddy and walked back down the locks again to deliver my goodies to Tom. He was chuffed to bits with both the curtains and the cake, so I hope he has a fantastic weekend. Walking back up the locks yet again to the boat Paddy was on his last legs, he was not finding it at all entertaining and by the time we were back onboard, he collapsed in a heap on the cool floor. He is not as fit as he should be due to a breathing problem he has had since birth, so although he came from a working farm, he would have been no good for working with sheep.
So dear friends, my day is now done and I am sitting down with my feet up and a cuppa to hand as I type this, whilst watching the football. Spain are leading Chile 1-0 at the moment.

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