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Friday 18 June 2010

Up, Up and tie up.

Hi folks.

Is now at the top of Foxton locks, 1 miles, 10 locks, 1hr 30mins.

Having been awake since 6am, I got up and put the kettle on the gas so that K and I could enjoy an early cuppa in bed, before getting up and preparing Hadar for the off. When we were on the electric I used an electric kettle, which was so quick to boil. The gas is so slow. Having got dressed, I then took P for a run across the field. It has to be said he was gone before, I could say anything. Byt the time I got into the field, P was already down the bottom of the meadow. He always loves this place. Purely due to the smells of Rabbits. I know for a fact , even if he saw one, he would not know what to do with it.
The plan was to get up the locks early, which also seemed to be the plan of others, because as we arrived at the lock, there was a boat already going into the bottom lock. So having sat Hadar on the gates, I walked up to find the lock keeper. During the Summer they have lock keepers on duty to help people up through the flight. He informed me that we were 4th in the queue, which was a surprize to me because there was no one waiting below the bottom lock, we were on our own. Apparently I was passed by a gentleman running up the towpath, who was going up the flight third, if he was quick enough to get rid of his rubbish. Flippin cheek. I saw this man sprint past me, but though nothing of it. Clearly he was in a rush to get up the locks and did not want us holding him up.
As it actually turned out, the boat in second place, said that we should go before them, as it would be easier. Which was really very nice of them. So thank you to the crew of Mutley. They very kindly helped me do the first few locks, which gave us a chance to have a nice chat. It turned out that they are good friends of Jo and John on Acen, who we also have go to know, since being in Market Harborough Basin. So we had a nice quiet run up through Foxton locks, which nattering to the lock keeper. Once above the locks we moored up and K moved some more coal around in the hold to get the bow up a bit, he also restacked all the toilet blue and kindling. Hold looks all neat and tidy now. I mopped out the front locker, the gates at Foxton are leaking lots, and with such force it bounced off the fore deck and up under the hatch. There was a good inch of water in the locker. I have got most of it out, but as I am trying not to overdo it with my shoulder, I did not get it completely dry.
We have enjoyed a chat with other boaters moored near us and had our rolls for lunch. We are now watching the Germany v Serbia World Cup match on a digital signal, so all is good with our world today. We will probably head for Crick tomorrow.

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