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Wednesday 2 June 2010

Would you ever????

Good afternoon.

It is a beautiful sunny afternoon and this weather is with us for at least the rest of this week hooray....

Now question for you. Would you ever stay somewhere and leave without paying?

That is what happens here. People come in hook up to the electric and then the next morning they unhook and just leave without paying for their stay. I really don't know how people can live with themselves for not paying. I guess I must be to honest.
It seems some people feel they have the right to arrive late in the day, when the basin office is shut, and then they leave the next morning before the office opens. So it looks like no one has been in. But they do not reckon on those who live here, seeing the coming's and going's. This basin is used by a hire company and therefore they do not actually have to allow private boats in for moorings, but it is the choice of the lady who runs it to allow private boats in and charge them to stay. That money then goes to British Waterway's. It is going to be a shame if because of these non payers, the basin is closed off to private boaters. People really need to think about their action, because they could affect others in the long run.

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