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Thursday 3 June 2010

Phewwwwwwww Hot, Hot, Hot.

Wow it is hot already and it is only 11.10am. Infact when I walked Paddy early this morning it was rather on the warm side. The basin is a hive of activity at the moment, because the hire company is turning the boats around, ready for them to go back out later. When I say turning them around, I mean they are washing, cleaning and changing bedding etc. Thursday's and Monday's are always chaos here. But they have it off to a fine art. It is like a well oiled machine.

So did you watch "Britains Got Talent" last night?
Did you think the right people got through to the final?
I certainly did. I love Christopher Stone's voice. Even if he does not win this comp, he could go a long way. It is very humbling to see how he reacts to the applause he gets. He really has no ideal just how good his voice is. I was also chuffed for Paul Burling. He is just what the Royal Variety needs. This guy has worked the circuit for 25 years. he deserves a break. What the Royal Variety does not need is another dance group. As good as some of these groups are, they are all doing the same old thing. I love to see a good dance group, but there is now to many. Diversity and Flawless have cornered the market in the respect, so another will just be over kill. However Spellbound the other night were fantastic and that is more gymnastic than dance. I am looking forward too tonights edition to see who else makes it through.

I have received an appointment from the local cottage hospital, to go and have some physio on my shoulder and today I am going to have a Cortisone injection into the joint........ OUCH I hear you cry. I have been getting conflicting reports on this injection. Some say it hurts like hell and others say it is fine. Some say I will notice a difference straight away and others say you need to rest it for a few days afterwards for it to work. I will take the advice of the GP when i see him later. He is the only GP in the practice that does the Cortisone injections. Otherwise it would have ment me going to the hospital. Apparently women between the ages of 40 and 60 are more likely to get a frozen shoulder. This seems a little odd, but at 48, I qualify it seems. If you get it then make sure you seek help immediately, because if untreated it can take up to 3 years to get better :0(.

I am sure like me you were shocked to see the news last night about the shootings in Cumbria. I find it hard to comprehend that someone would want to kill inoccent people like he has done, just because of a feud over a will. This guy could not have been in his right mind. My thoughts are with all those who are injured and with the families who have lost loved ones. I remember when the Hungerford shootings took place. At the time, I did not live to far from that situation, and it was awful. It seems that the whole world has gone barking mad.

With the weather being hot, I am not going to be cooking tonight for dinner, so it will be a scrummy salad instead. I may even open a bottle of wine. That is if I am allowed to drink, having had this injection this afternoon. So I will sign off now and wish you a good afternoon.

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