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Thursday 23 February 2017

Doris blows her top.


Hello Friends and Followers.

I hope you are all safe out there, because it has been blowing up. Storm Doris has been showing her true colours across the country. Sadly there has been a death and lots of damage.

We woke up this morning at 4am. It was not to bad then. I have absolutely no idea why were were awake, but were so I got up and made a cuppa. Storm Doris was on the weather forecast and how we should all take great care.

By the time we got up at 8am, the winds had definitely gotten stronger and the boat was beginning to rock. I took Paddy out for his morning stroll and made sure everything on the pontoon was secure. There was a lot of crashing going on across the cut where the housing estate was, but all seemed well in the arm, just a few twigs were blown off the trees.

8.45am Keith went off shopping to Aldi and I got ready to go out. I was off out with the girl’s for the day. I know it was not exactly the weather for going out, but for three crazy girl’s it was fine. Jack picked Dawne and I up at 10am and we set off for Weedon Antiques centre. There were lots of branches down and wheelie bins blown all over the place. Now I can understand branches being down, but as for the wheelie bins, people knew this storm was coming, so why did they not secure their bins yesterday, or if they had to be out for the bin men, then why did they not make sure they bought them straight back in and put them away. There was no excuse really. We arrived in Weedon and walked over to the Antiques Centre. It is a fabulous place, with some beautiful furniture and nick nacks, but we saw very little that we wanted to buy.


We all quite fancied this old school desk and chair, it bought back memories for us all. I did ask Jack to check if there was any chewing gum under the desk, because from memory that was always where it was put during the lesson. Having finished in the Antiques Centre, we then drove the Heart of the Shires, shopping village. We have visited it before by canal but never by road, so this was a new experience. We decided to have a coffee and lunch first before we looked around the shops.


We had lunch in the Darlington’s Tea Room, which was lovely and can be totally recommended. Whilst trying to battle against the wind, we visited all the shops, which all offer something at reasonable prices. I am quite sure the next time I visit, it will be by boat. The wind was howling around the buildings as we made our way out to the car. Our next port of call was Braunston Wharf Chandlery to pick up some paint. The journey back to the Arm was indeed an adventure, with the wind gusting across the open land. We saw lorries leaning over as they sped up the dual carriageway and we even had to battle against the wind. I have never been a driver and on days like to day I knew why. Jack did a sterling job and got us home safely. We were never in any danger out with Storm Doris, because it did not seem to be as bad as it was made out to be, but I guess the weather forecasters have to make sure we are all aware of what could happen. A lovely day was had by the girlies.

Keith was home, when I got in, he had put most of the shopping away and was painting one of his railways buildings. I made us a coffee, before putting my feet up for a bit and to rest my back. My Sciatica is back, so I will have to take it easy for a couple of days. I have an appointment with my GP coming up, so will speak to him about my back if it is no better. My evening will be spent watching the Pottery Throw Down and then I will retire to my bed.

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