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Thursday 16 February 2017

Heading for the weekend.


Hi Friends and Followers.

We are racing towards the weekend yet again. Where has February gone?

We were awake at stupid o’clock this morning, it was in fact 4 am. What woke me up was Paddy scratching and banging against something whilst he scratched. Then he decided he needed a drink. So if you cannot beat them, then join them. I got up and made Keith and I a cup of tea, which we both needed. I then snuggled down beneath the duvet and drifted off to sleep eventually, but of course no sooner I thought I had gone to sleep, I was awake again and it was 7.55 am, so no time for another cuppa, I had to be up to take Paddy out, as he was on the moved and Marmite made it known she was ready for her breakfast.

Morning jobs completed. I packed our two washed jackets in a bag and headed off to the dry-cleaners. The gentleman there said he could re-waterproof the jackets for me. I left the jackets with him until Monday and fingers will be crossed that it works. Whilst in town, I had a quick wander around the charity shops and found nothing of interest, but the walk always does me good and you never know if you will find a bargain. Whilst I was in the town, Keith had caught the bus to Tesco to pick up, washing powder, cat food, nappies and toilet rolls. When he got back he announced that he had toothache. So I got him to ring the dentist, but they cannot fit him in until Monday morning, so I think he may have a painful weekend. His toothache did not stop him eating his lunch, which in keeping with our toast once a week menu, we had Spagetti on Toast today, with fruit and yogurt for pudding. After lunch I went down to the office with a new batch of hand knitted dishcloths, which the shop sells for me. I wanted to make sure they had enough whilst I am out cruising. The shop in the Arm is also a meeting place for people, who are in the Arm for Winter and for visitors who pass through. Our meeting room The Cedar Room was book out for the day, so we had people coming and going. Even though it is Winter, the Arm is still full of life and wildlife. The Kingfisher has been around again, landing on people’s boats. It is always a joy to see the Kingfisher.

As the afternoon wore into the evening, rain set in and the temperature began to drop, so I re-lit the back cabin stove, to take the chill off the cabin before bedtime.

It was the ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’ and tonight’s challenge was to create ceramics with the theme of Japanese style ceramics. The potters were asked to make a sake set, which they did incredibly well, some of them were beautiful. Their Throw Down was a 15 minute session at the wheel to see how many rice bowls they could make. It was a brilliant program Nam won pot of the week and James rightfully went home. I did however think Ryan’s sake set was stunning in black and white.
Their Spot Test was to carve an intricate design into a lantern using a technique known as ‘the devil’s work’. There were again some nice designs. This series is already getting very good, just a shame we will not see it to the end, because we will be off cruising soon.

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