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Thursday 9 February 2017

Nippy days and coffee with friends.


Hi Friends.

After yesterday’s coal stacking escapade, I thought this morning I would be waking up as stiff as a board, but no I was actually quite good, even my ribs and sternum were alright, which was a bonus, because I am hoping to stay off the Amitriptyline.

Nippy day, so both the stoves were lit early doors, to make sure we stay nice and snug. Keith was off to the DIY shop Torry’s to get some paint and brushes for his railway, but before he left, we lifted out the empty gas bottle from the front locker. We will get the gas bottle replaced tomorrow by Ian, who was not in today. For some odd reason I had thought we needed two replacing, but much to my surprise it was only the one, so the bank balance will not be hit to hard, before we head out cruising.

We had a bit of list on this morning, mainly due to us not stacking the coal evenly, but also the water level was down a little, so I moved some coal over the starboard side, to level us up a bit. I dare say I will be moving it back once we are level water wise.

Before I go any further, I want to comment on something that happened yesterday. There was breaking news on the BBC that Tara Palmer-Tomkinson had died at the age of 45 after being diagnosed with a brain tumour last year. That is so incredibly sad, to die so young. What annoyed me was that having said that she is the God-daughter of Prince Charles, the reporter then began to talk about her life, which is fair enough, but I really felt there was absolutely no need to go into her drug addiction. It was totally irrelevant to the fact this poor woman had died. Everyone does something in their life, that later they regret. I just felt it was crass and out of order. Ok rant over for now. May TPT as she was known by rest in peace. Smile

Jan on Tom off of narrowboat Waiouru are out on the towpath outside the Arm and the plan was to go and visit them whilst they are here. At 2pm we closed the boat up and headed off to join them on their lovely boat. It is amazing how quickly three hours goes by, when you are nattering about anything and everything. I think we must have put the world to right in that three hours. Hopefully we will see them again before they head off. I will be making the coffee this time.

The weather forecast for this evening is for a chilly night, with a frost and possible snow flurries. Bring on the snow please, I would love it. –1 c they are saying, so it will be icy in the morning and a cold weekend. I am never cold whilst living on the boat. How can I possibly be cold with two coal stoves? It always fascinates me how the forecaster say it is freezing when in fact it is not really that cold, well not in my opinion.

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