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Wednesday 15 February 2017

Wet Wednesday.


Hi Friends and Followers.

How was your Valentine’s Day?

Did you get proposed too?

Or did you get forgotten?

Today we had a day out in Royal Leamington-Spa. We caught the G1 bus, I had to pay £4.90 for a day rider, but Keith used his bus pass. I am so looking forward to the day when I get mine. Knowing my luck, by that time they will have stopped doing them. Anyway we were meeting up with our friend Maxine for lunch and so took the opportunity to go in early and get some shopping done. There were several things we wanted from Poundland, which included dog biscuits and micro cloths. We also went into Wilko to buy Universal cartridges for our water filter. For a box of three it cost me £3, so I bought two boxes and these should last us whilst we are out cruising. All our shopping now is to do with making sure we have a stock of things for when we are away. Just after 10 am we went into Wetherspoons for a cup of tea and who should be there but our neighbour and friend, so we joined them for a natter over our lovely warming mug of tea. Chatter done, we all went off in different directions, we headed off to the road with all the charity shops in it and did not find anything of interest in any of them. We must have been in half a dozen shops and nothing jumped out and said “buy me”. Some of the shops have gotten so expensive now, I guess that is because of where they are, but it puts us off buying. Whilst walking past a shop, I spotted in the window this adorable dolls house.


Everything including the house were handmade. It reminded me of a dolls house, that used to be in the library of a house my grandmother used to work in. This dolls house was huge and was also handmade. It had lighting and was stunning. As a child I would be able to go and look at the dolls house, but I was most definitely not allowed to touch anything. Funny how seeing the one in the shop window bought back a childhood memory.

It was now 11.45 am and we were meeting our friend at 12 noon outside of Oriental Star our favourite Chinese Buffet.


We quickly nipped into Tesco Extra for sweetner’s and Robert Dyas for a nosey. Maxine was then waiting for us to arrive. We always love meeting up for a chat and catch-up over lunch. The buffet is always fantastic, with a wide selection. Well worth a visit, if your in Royal Leamington-Spa. Lunch over, Maxine had to leave for home and we wanted to walk to Aldi to do our food shop. Joy of joy it was raining, but thankfully not to heavily. Walking the mile or so to Aldi was a great way to walk off our lunch. By the time we reached Aldi the weather was most definitely turning wetter. We did our food shop and bought a couple of extra’s. It was very noticeable that Valentine’s Day had not gone well for Aldi, because they still had a lot of things for sale. The flowers seemed to be going well, maybe because they were reduced. Food paid for and rucksacks on our backs we set off for the bus stop in what was now yucky rain, which was getting heavier. The bus stop does not have a shelter, so we had to brave the rain, which does not really bother us. We caught the X18, which went the quick way to Warwick bus station and then caught the G1 to outside the Arm, this was good because it meant we did not get drenched.

I stowed away all the goodies we bought. Marmite wanted to see what was in the bags as I took everything out. Marmite cannot help herself when it comes to boxes and bags. If she can get in it, she will.

With the weather now closing in, we were glad to be nice and snug on board, the TV went on and coffee was made. That would be our day done.

Before I go though, I spotted this sign outside a Barber’s in Warwick.


I think ladies hairdressers are missing out on a trick here. If men can have Whiskey and Beer, then why can’t us ladies have Wine and Beer, or Whiskey if they prefer. I wonder if the hair cut is more expensive? I guess I should have asked. But I think it is a brilliant idea.

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