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Saturday 11 February 2017

It snowed.


Hi Friends and followers.

As the title say’s. It snowed, not a lot, but we did wake up to a dusting of the white stuff. If I had my way we would have five feet of the stuff and I would not be able to see over the top of it, unless I stood on my tippy toes, because I am five foot tall. The last time I recall that happening, it would have been in the 1980’s, when where I lived the snow was over the hedgerows and it was like walking and driving through a toboggan run. It was really fabulous. Yes I know it is not for everyone, I appreciate that, but I am just saying I love it. Maybe I should be living in the Artic?

So yes we woke to a dusting and nippy temperatures. It did not get down below zero, but the temperature did not get over 3 c all day and we kept having flurries of snow and sleet. This sort of weather does not stop boat chores having to be done though. So my chores as usual were stoking the fires, getting rid of the ash and rubbish, emptying the toilet cassette and a laundry wash. In this morning’s wash were the Summer cratch ropes. We have two sets of ropes, a Winter set and a Summer set. The Summer set are white, whereas the Winter set is off White. I wanted to get the Summer set washed ready for when we set off in March. White’s all done and drying, I turned my attention to a nice warming coffee and a catch-up on my e-mails. I always giggle at the junk mail. I never open anything that I know nothing about, but I do enjoy the titles and subjects. Today’s treats were for flowers for Valentine’s Day, Erectile dysfunction and PPI. On Social Media, the new Channel Five program Carry On Barging seemed to be top of the discussion list. Many people complaining about the title and the use of Barging, because it is narrow boating and no one is barging anywhere, depending on how you read the word. Anyway once you get past the title. it is about four celebrities Debbie McGee, Simon Callow, Lorraine Chase and Nigel Havers learning the fine art of narrow boating. This week they were on the Kennet and Avon Canal. There was also complaints about them hitting a moored boat and possibly going to fast. I think people have failed to realise that they are like first time hirers. They have to learn the fine art of mastering a boat which can have a mind of its own. Of course hitting someone’s boat is not something anyone should do, but I bet every first time hirer has done it at one time or another. They did not show the response of the boat owner, but I got the impression from listening to Simon Callow, the boater owner was less than impressed, which I can also understand. My reaction would have been to go out and fend them off and explain to them in calm terms the error of their steering. There is little point shouting and screaming and particularly if it includes bad language. Nothing is gained by bad language. It clearly affected Simon’s confidence, because he did not steer the next day.4

After lunch, it was time to get settled in for the long haul. With the weather being so miserable, there was nothing else to do but watch TV.

Rugby Six Nation’s again this weekend. So my afternoon and evening were taken up watching Ireland V Italy and England V Wales. The Ireland game was slow compared to the England V Wales, which was played at quite a pace, with England coming out on top in the end.

The evening’s entertainment on TV was so poor, that we sat and watched ‘The Hunger Games’. We had seen film one several times, but Keith bought me the collection for Christmas, so we decided to sit and watch those until we could not keep our eyes open any longer and our bed called. We watched three out of the four discs and really enjoyed the films.

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