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Friday 3 February 2017

Happy Friday.


Hello Friends.

Yes it is Friday. Where did the week go. The first weekend of February is almost upon us and I still cannot believe January has passed by. It looks like it will be another year which flies by. Whoosh and I will miss it no doubt.

Yesterday I forgot to post, I do apologise. It was a pretty uneventful day. The highlight being the sorting out of the bathroom sink hot tap. I know, I know I lead an exciting existence. The problem with the hot tap was it was running slower and slower, mainly due the fact that we were having problems with turning it on. So Keith decided to tackle it (not literally). The spanners came out and he was on the job. I did have to look on You Tube to see if they had a video on this tap, because Keith could not get the gubbins out.


Eventually with a bit of effort, it did come out and the washer was fine, even though it has been in there for 10 years. I cleaned up the taps bits and Keith then put it all back together. Hey presto the hot taps works perfectly now and for once this was a boat job that only took 10 minutes and not hours, because something has gone wrong.

So here we are a little closer to the weekend and Storm Doris has not yet put in an appearance and I think she is no longer a storm, so maybe they will keep Doris for the next one, should it decide to kick off.

It was such a pleasure to see the sun this morning. It has been do drab of late and rather moist. I am really wanting to get out on the garden, but see little point of coming in caked in mud. One of my jobs this morning was to do the laundry. It was bed turning day. I like to turn the mattress and I therefore change the bottom sheet and pillowcases and turn the duvet. Our mattress is in three parts, so we can put it in our cupboard, so once a fortnight I change the three section around, so they wear evenly. Bed stripped and turned, off to the laundry for a quick wash. People on site always gather in the laundry and end up nattering. This mornings topics included Brexit, Trump and Sugar Free Farm. Such a diverse range. Not getting political on here, so not talking about Brexit or Trump. The one thing I will say is I know Brexit is used for short, but I actually hate the word. As for Sugar Free Farm, it was a good program and has made me and others here think. The interesting thing for me was the low fat spread and what goes into it. I am thankful I cannot have it and have to have butter. Laundry all done, and hung on the boat, it was time for a coffee and the usual catching up on e-mails and social media.

After lunch, I took myself off into town to get myself a trim. I had been putting it off, as I wanted to wait until we were about to go cruising, but today I just felt like I needed to get it done. I only ever have a dry trim. I have allergies to some shampoo’s, so prefer to wash my hair before going to the hairdressers. Having long hair means a dry trim only takes a few minutes and then I am done. Today it only cost me £10, so that was a bonus.


This was Paddy in 2007.

Home on the boat, Paddy our ageing Boarder Collie, so showing his age. He is being very picky with eating, and I am just hoping this is not the slippery slope to him leaving us for the Rainbow bridge. He has been dodgy on his back legs this past few weeks as well and at 13 years old, we know it is only a matter of time. We will know when it is his time and we are not going to let him suffer.

Well it is now time to sign off and put the laptop away. I wish you a wonderful weekend and I will see you on the other side.

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