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Wednesday 1 February 2017

Wet, wet, wet.


Hi Friends.

It is a soggy start to Wednesday and it is not going to improve for the rest of the week. We are being told, Storm Doris maybe coming to call, so we may need to batten down the hatches, but we shall see. Carol Kirkwood warned this morning that although the weather front for Friday has no name yet, it could be upgraded to Storm Doris. Doris was my grand-mother’s name and she was a meek and mild woman, so lets hope the storm has her traits.

Because of the weather forecast for the rest of the week, Keith decided he was going food shopping today, instead of tomorrow, so I did him a list and off he went with rucksack and trolley. Unfortunately it was already raining when he left, so he would be coming home a little soggy around the edges. With him off food shopping, I got on with cleaning out my cupboard.


When I say mine, Keith and I have a cupboard each in the saloon behind our chairs, which we use for all our bits and bobs. Mine has been getting very untidy of late, so today was tidy day. I have found the best way to do such a job, is to take everything out and then go through the contents, before putting back the things I wanted to keep. I always love it when I have tidied something and it all looks organised.

Next job was to clean out and stoke the fire, which is always a dusty job, so afterwards I got the hoover out and ran that through the boat. Floors and mats all hoovered, I got on with washing all the floors, including the engine room floor. Phew time for a coffee and a catch-up on e-mails and social media.

Blazing from a papers headline ‘Bursting balloons is louder than a shotgun blast - and can even make you DEAF’. Oh cone on, shall we all ban Balloons now? I have a vision of children turning up for parties and being supplied with ear defenders. Lets get real please. I know that some children and people are scared of balloons bursting and I completely understand that, but this is really getting silly. I thought it was madness, when children were told they could only play Conkers if they wore gloves and safety goggles. Stop, Stop wrapping our children and grandchildren in cotton wool.

E-mails and social media caught up on, Keith was back from his food shopping trip to Aldi. For anyone reading my ramblings for the first time. Keith has taken over the food shopping. We used to have Tesco deliveries once a fortnight, but since Keith got his bus pass, he has taken to going to Aldi, which has cut our food bill by quite a lot and it keeps Keith fit. When he arrives back at the boat, I always take the trolley and rucksack from him and stow away all the goodies for the week. Treat for this week is their Indian Meal for 2 for £3.49. We have had one before and it is very good. Tesco’s can be as much a double. Neither of us are huge ready meal fans, but sometimes it is nice for a change. Today’s lunch was Ham and Pineapple Pizza with added Red Pepper and Mozzarella Cheese and for pudding fresh fruit with Greek Yogurt.

I still have not started my cross stitch, this mainly because other things have taken over my life. 1 being my family tree, 2 crocheting new baby blankets.


This one will be lilac and white. I finished the pale green and white one. I now have something else to be doing. For Christmas my friend sent me a knit your own scarf box. In it there are knitting needles, wool and so called instructions, not that I need instructions to knit a scarf, but the instructions do not tell you how many stitches to use for the amount of wool they have given you, so I am going to have to guess.


I think 3 projects on the go is enough right now. The scarf will not take me long, although this funny yarn takes some getting used too. I think perhaps I will keep my cross stitch for when we are out cruising this year. I am already collecting DVD’s for the trip, as we do not use the TV when we are out, we just watch DVD’s. After lunch, we walked up into town and whilst in there I bought ‘The Deer Hunter’, ‘The Book Thief’ and ‘Last Knights’, all for 99 pence each. Our DVD collection is pretty eclectic, Keith likes things like Alien, but I cannot watch it. I end up having nightmares. I am more into chick flicks and things like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. I think that is why I am really into ‘Game of Thrones’ right now. I loved the first series and hope to get the next four series before we head out, that will give us plenty to watch.

Despite the gloom of the morning, most of the afternoon was dry and it actually felt more like Spring. The bulbs are coming through and the birds were singing. Unfortunately it is not going to last.

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