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Wednesday 22 February 2017

Welcome to hump day.


Hello Friends and Followers.

Are you ready?

For what you ask?

Storm Doris, that is what. This mild, meek named lady (my Nan) is coming to blow us away according to Carol Kirkwood on BBC weather. Ok I am exaggerating, storm Doris is going to bring us strong winds and rain. My Nan was named Doris and she was meek and mild lady, who would never blow anyone away, she was so sweet and my favourite Nan. But we are all asked to be careful out there, so we have prepared for the wind by putting our solar panel down flat on the boats roof and putting things away that could possibly be blown about.

Last night we held our last Board Games evening of the Winter, because come March 1st most of the Winter moorer’s will be heading off on their cruising season. Some are turning right out of the Arm and some are heading up the Hatton flight with us. Our last Board Games evening, was celebrated with Gin and Tonics and snacks, which was kindly bought to the evening by June and Ian on Narrowboat Amy Jack A Max. A fun evening was had playing board games and just nattering, which is what the once a month event is all about. We look forward to doing it all again come October/November.

Wednesday is hump day and for me it was washing day, but not laundry this time. I wanted to wash the boats sheeting and cabin side, on starboard side of the boat, which is on the pontoon side, because over the Winter it gets little sunlight and therefore goes green. As I was going to fill the water tank, I decided to do the boat washing at the same time, so filled a bucket with soapy water and with my large scrubbing brush, I got on with scrubbing the sheeting and then with a sponge washed the cabin side down. Once the water tank was filled, I sprayed the boat down and got rid of the soap suds. I would like to polish the cabin side before we go, but a lot depends on the weather between now and Tuesday.

Boat all washed and clean, I put the hosepipe away and put the kettle on for coffee. Lunch was made and cooked, today we had Cornbeef cakes, with Sweet Potato Chips and Peas, followed by Fruit and Yogurt. After lunch I got on with preparing things for the laundry noticeboard, which has been looking neglected and empty. Now it has places to eat in Warwick, Recipes and Tips, where boaters can share them with each other and an area for local events. Hopefully whilst I am away it will fill up with lots of wonderful information.

My afternoon was spent catching up on e-mails and the family tree. I received an interesting e-mail from Wiki Tree, which told me I was 40 degrees from the Queen.

connection (1)

I thought my only connection was my date of birth, which is the same as hers.

connection (3)

I am also apparently 33 degrees from Abraham Lincoln, now that is interesting.

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