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Monday 13 February 2017



Hi friends and followers.

Blimey what a damp and dank Sunday. No sign of the sun and the temperature was cold, so I stoked up the saloon stove and re-lit the back cabin stove, to keep the chill off the cabin. It must have been chilly last night, because Marmite decided to sleep at the bottom of the bed last night. She spent ages going round and round and scratching at the duvet to make her bed. I think she eventually settled, as I fell asleep so have no idea if she stayed on the bed or moved. She was not on the bed when I woke up.

Paddy got his walk and on a Sunday through the Winter I open the site up, so the car park and middle gate needed unlocking. It was raining, so Paddy was not best pleased and was quick to do his business, so he could get home quickly. Marmite was sat on the step in the back cabin screaming for her breakfast, she really hates to wait, whereas Paddy got into his bed and just sat there waiting for his biscuits. I really think Paddy could teach Marmite a bit of patience. With them both fed and breakfast done, I got the coal in for the day, emptied the ash buckets and got rid of the rubbish. Oh joy of joy when I walked into the Elsan shed. Someone had taken the hose off of the tap and left the tap running, so there was water everywhere. Thankfully we have a drain in the floor, so most of the water had gone down the drain, but why do people have to do things like this. They should leave it as they find it. The hosepipe is on the tap for a reason and there is absolutely no reason why it should be taken off. I cleaned up the surface around the Elsan, before leaving. Grrrrr

Lunch today was to be Liver and Onion’s. Once prepared, I put it on the stove to slow cook, the smell was wafting through the boat, which made my tummy rumble. I do love Liver, which is a little odd, because as a child I could not stand it. I am the same with Sprouts. I could not eat them as a child, but I love them now.

The afternoon was spent watching Rugby. Poor Scotland got beaten by France. I felt so sorry for the Scotland players who got battered at time by France, whose pack was a lot heavier than there’s. Greig Laidlaw limped off with an ankle injury and from then on it was down hill, with head injuries to follow.

Our evening entertainment was a pub quiz, which we almost came last in. We were saved by half a point. It is true to say we missed Maria in our team, she had to work.

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