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Monday 27 February 2017

Spring is coming.


Hello Friends and Followers.

I hope you all had a good weekend, because we are into another week and it is almost the end of February. It is Pancake Day on Tuesday and I am ready for it. I love Pancakes. What is your favourite filling?

Over the weekend we started Hadar’s engine for first time since November,she sprang to life willingly and was given a pat on rocker cover because she is such a good girl. I like to talk to her when we are on the move, this means she behaves herself. I know I am mad, but bare with me.

Sunday was a quiet affair. Well it was Sunday after all. I did a general tidy through the boat. Stoked the saloon fire and cooked stewing steak and veggies for lunch, unfortunately the steak was not quite cooked for lunch so we had it with dumplings for dinner instead. At this time of the year dumplings in stews are my kind of comfort food. After Saturday’s Six Nations matches, Sunday saw England take on Italy. The first half was a little dire by England and they went in at half-time behind. I can imagine Eddie Jones putting a bomb beneath them in the dressing room, because the second half was a different story, they came out with all guns blazing and England took the win over Italy, keeping them at the top of the Six Nations table. After the rugby we settled down to watching films and I got on with more crochet. I finished my Blue and White blanket and have begun a Lemon and White one.

Monday and it began nice enough, but soon the showers came and the temperature dropped, so I re-lit the back cabin stove. I then decided I would strip the bed and get all the bedding washed ready for the off on Wednesday. The back cabin and engine became the drying rooms and I got on with lunch, which was the left over stew from yesterday. Today we had it with veggies and Yorkshire puddings. With fruit and yogurt for pudding. There is nothing nicer than a bowl of fresh fruit with a couple of spoons of yogurt on top.


Marmite was in sleepy mode today, she spent most of the day in her basket. I am calling it her basket for now, but it is meant to have plants in it. Anyway she spent the day curled up snoozing.


Spring has arrived.


The bulbs are in flower.


The Christmas Roses are beautiful.


They really brighten the gardens.


Seeing the Spring flowers, not only brightens the gardens, it brightens the mood.


Along with the Spring bulbs announcing Spring is almost here, the birds are singing and the ducks are looking for their mates. Now we just need some good weather to come along.

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