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Monday 20 February 2017

No one home.


Hi Friends and Followers.

The birds were singing early this morning. We were awake at 6 am and ready for a cuppa. Keith had his dental appointment this morning, for an aching tooth, which had been playing up on and off all weekend.

7 am up and about well Keith and I were. Paddy was still in his bed and showed no sign of waking up, let alone getting up. Marmite was up though asking for her breakfast as usual. With Keith going to the dentist, I was off to the dry cleaners to pick up our waterproof jackets, but before I set off for town, I made up the saloon fire and washed up. I then donned my waistcoat, grabbed my bag and off I went. Now I had more than enough time to get to the dry cleaners, so I took the long route down by Warwick Race Course, which was looking splendid in the morning sunshine. I then walked up Linen lane, which has quite an incline, which always gets me puffing. I then crossed the road to the bus station and into the town. I did a circuit of the town to have a nosey in the shop windows, because many of the shops were not open yet. I made my first port of call the bank and then the Executive Dry Cleaners, only to find it did not open until 9.30 am, this therefore gave me time to look around the charity shops, before going back to the dry cleaner. I got there just before 9.30 am and parked myself on a bench to sit and watch the world going to work. There is something wonderful about people watching. 10.45 am came and went and still the dry cleaners did not open. There was no sign on the door to say they do not open on Monday’s and my cleaning ticket said to collect on Monday, so either the gentleman got it wrong on the ticket, or something had happened to the person who was supposed to open the shop. I saw no point in getting cross, because for all I know, some thing must have happened to who ever opens the shops, I just hope it was nothing dreadful. It is so easy to get annoyed when something like this happens, but without knowing the circumstances what is the point. Far worse happens and I can go back and get the jackets. 9.50 am I decided to stop waiting and to head home, where Keith was back from the dentist having had a filling. This was an expense he had not planned on. The dentist was nearly £54 better off from Keith’s visit. I am wondering if there is any poor dentist out there?

So dilemma, did I leave picking up the jackets till another day or should I go up during the afternoon. After lunch the decision was made to walk back into town, to see if the Executive Dry Cleaners were open. I am relieved to say it was open and there was a lovely lady behind the counter, who wrapped our jackets in a plastic cover and folded them so they would fit in my lifetime bag. We had a lovely conversation about the weather and the amount of people walking around Warwick, as it is now half-term. I handed over my £10 and said “goodbye”. Now I need some rain to see if the waterproofing has worked. If it has I will most definitely go back to Executive Dry Cleaners again. With nothing else to do in town, I headed home to find Keith lounging in his chair watching TV. Having put the coats away, I decided to wash the back cabin blankets. I do not want to leave everything to the last minute as I still have to wash and polish the boat, if the weather holds out, which I doubt it will.


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