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Tuesday 28 February 2017

One more sleep.

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Hello Friends and Followers.

Happy Pancake Day everyone. I hope you have had a good one.


We are Lemon and Sugar people, what is your favourite Pancake topping or filling?


We have one more sleep until we leave for our cruising season yippee Smile. We are both ready and eager to go. Tomorrow morning we will set off with Ray and Caroline on Narrowboat Tranquil Daze. We are off up the Hatton Flight first thing, so I hope the weather is kind to us all.

This morning began early, because Keith had an appointment with the practice nurse at 7.30 am to organise his medication for whilst we are away. Like me, Keith could only have three months worth, so we will have to arrange for more medication along the route. We can ring the surgery and get them to send an electronic prescription to a chemist of our choice, so it is not big deal. Keith went off to the surgery and I went and did the last of the laundry. When Keith got back, he then set off to do the last of the food shopping and to collect his medication. Laundry all done and hung to dry in the back cabin and engine room, I got on with checking the gearbox oil level, which was just how we had left it in November, so all good there. The ash buckets got emptied and put away in the bunker. I then got on and filled the water tank. Our tank can hold up to three weeks worth of water at a push, but I have always filled it once every two weeks. With the jobs done and Keith home with the shopping, it was time for a much needed coffee and then some lunch.

I did another sweep of our bunkers to make sure we have everything on board for tomorrow and then I got down to doing more to my crochet blanket, whilst watching Film4. I have never seen ‘Night Passage’ before starring James Stewart and Audie Murphy. It also had the young man who starred in Shane, Brandon De Wilde. Sadly he died at the age of 30 in 1972 after being in a road accident. Good film though as was Shane. I am a James Stewart fan, I love most of the films he has been in.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow and I will try and keep you posted on our progress.

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