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Tuesday 7 February 2017

It’s a start.

Hi Friends.

Beautiful start to the day today. The sun was out and all was well in my world.

Morning jobs included laundry, stoking fires, emptying bins, cooking lunch and making coffee several times.

When I sat down for my 10 am coffee, I was checking through my social media and came across this picture, which was posted by a friend.


This is not yet going to be rolled out across the country as far as I know, but in Lincolnshire they are going to tackle to problem of dog poo. I reckon it is one of my biggest pet hates, because if you own a dog you should clean up after it. I have dog poo bags in pretty much every pocket of clothing and I have been known to offer dog owners a bag if they have not got one. I do not use doggie poo bags, I buy the scented nappy bags. You can buy something like 200 bags for £1, so what is the excuse?

I do have issues with this new ruling though. How many patrol officers will there be and can they really police this?

I agree wholeheartedly with owners being made to keep their dogs under control. In my opinion, no dog should be off its lead unless it is in the middle of open ground somewhere and no dog should be running free in a children’s play area. No matter how well you think you know your dog, the slightest thing can make them turn. Our old boy is an angel, but do I trust him? No

I hope other councils watch and learn and maybe roll this out, but to make it work, they need people on the ground.

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