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Sunday 19 February 2017

Sunday Hugs.


Hi Friends and Followers.

Happy hug Sunday. Just thought that you may need a hug.

It was another early mild start and so my decision was to get my back cabin curtains and bedding washed and then hung out on the line, to blow in what little bit of wind there was. I do so love seeing washing blowing on a line and I do not mean rotary lines, I mean the long lines that you see in someones back garden, with a clothes prop holding up the middle. When I lived in a house, I always had a long line, down one side of the garden path, with my clothes prop to prop up the line in the middle. When the children were young, it was always lovely to see their clothes blowing in the breeze and bedding. You cannot beat the old ways. Rotary lines are fine, but there is nothing like a long line in my opinion. Anyway washing done and hung out to dry. I spotted whilst in the laundry a pair of Bullfinches opposite our boat, but bloomin typical, by the time I got back to the boat and sorted my camera out they were both gone.


A male Chaffinch was sat in the tree near me singing away, whilst Mr Blackbird, stood on top of the hedge listening..


Clearly the birds think Spring is here, because they are all singing away and out and about. It will not be long before they are nesting.


Whilst chatting to our neighbour, I spotted this Moth, which was blending in well with the timber work on our bunker.

Before lunch, I did an hours work in the Arm’s garden’s, cutting back a bit of weeding. The ground is to wet to dig, so that will have to wait until it dries out, which means I will not get any digging done before we leave the Arm.

The morning drifted into the afternoon and I followed Wasps Rugby Team online as they played Sale Sharks. Despite a valiant effort Wasps lost 34-28. But they did get a bonus point and are still at the top of the Aviva table, so things are not all bad. To make up for their loss, I sat and watch ‘Never Been Kissed’, I love that movie. So a wonderful end to the movie, it always brings a lump to my throat.

Right I am off now, so have a lovely Sunday evening. I will see you on Monday.

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