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Wednesday 22 January 2020

Being treated.

Dear family, friends and followers.

That is Winter done then. After a few days of below zero frosts, we are back to mild and dull. Off I went for my walk in my padded jacket and oh boy did I regret that. I came back sweating like a piggy. It was so incredibly mild again this morning and unfortunately a miserable start to Wednesday came with it. No sun shine, just low cloud and that feeling of gloom. I did however enjoy my walk. No one to natter to this morning, but still had a nice time, clearing away the cobwebs. Sometimes going for a walk is a good way to put life into perspective. I like to take good deep breaths of what is partially clean air. Warwick at the moment, has a lot of road works going on, so there are queuing cars on the narrow roads, which must be such a pain for anyone in a queue and for those people living on the streets, which are normally quiet. Anyway my walk was a nice one and on returning home, the kettle went on for a coffee, I also stoked the fire in the saloon. There was no need to light the back cabin stove, because of it being so mild.
I spent the morning being rather lazy once the boat chores were done. I am not usually one for sitting around, but this morning I did just that and caught up with stuff online. I am researching Nickel and how affects the body. I have a Nickel allergy which has been kicking off recently. When I was diagnosed in 2001, there was very little out there,. These days you can find out most things. I have actually joined a Facebook group, who have been helping me out no end. I also now have the Nickel Navigator app on my phone, so I can keep track of how much food I am eating with Nickel in it and what to avoid. So far, so good things are improving.
The title of my rambling is being treated and that was what happened at lunch time. Hubby treated me to a Thai lunch at our favourite Thai restaurant Totally Thai in Warwick. They do a meal deal at lunch time and so we enjoy going there for the wonderful food and service. Being retired means we have more time to eat out, but we do not go over board, because we are living on a tight budget. We are living on hubbies pension, so we do have to watch the purse strings. We do not gamble, smoke or drink loads, so a meal out is our treat.
After such a wonderful lunch, we went for a walk around Warwick and then back home for a coffee and time to put our feet up before dinner time.

Pop back soon xxx

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