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Monday 20 January 2020

Exercise time.

Dear family, friends and followers.

Another nippy, frosty start to the day, this day being Monday. Yes folks the start of another week. Jack Frost delivered another frost and temperatures not to -3.9 c. There is always something so refreshing about having a frost. The air seems cleaner somehow.
My morning got off to the usual start, with a cup of tea and listening to the radio, because we still do not have a TV signal. The news is still full of poor old Meghan and Harry. I listen to the media and realise why Meghan and Harry are doing what they are doing. I do not read newspapers and have not done so for many years, because a lot of what is published is rubbish and that is being kind. The media on the TV are as much to blame for the situation as the press, because they cannot let people live their lives without hounding them. The fact that this couple have chosen to say "enough is enough" has infuriated the media and press, because they will not be able to stalk them to within an inch of their lives. Well done to them for standing their ground and doing what they feel is best for them and their son. I personally wish them all the very best with what ever they go on to do. Just my point of view.
Ok rant over. Once up and about it was time to get my walk in.
With the frosty start, came the sunshine, which although not that warming was still beautiful. Whilst walking, I got chatting to a lady who was off to work. I think we probably put most of the world to right whilst we walked and talked. There is nothing nicer than at least say "Hello" or "Good morning" to people that you meet along the way. We parted at the junction to where she worked and I carried on with my walk. I like to stride out to get my heart working and my lungs heaving.
The local allotments, were looking rather chilly under their carpet of frost. I love the idea of an allotment, where you get to meet others gardening around you and you can share tips and plants.
A freight train rumbled beneath me and the driver gave a toot of his horn. I wondered where he was heading for and what he was carrying. So many things get carried by train these days.
In the distance is the local church peeking through the mist of the frosty morning and I was working up quite a sweat.
I passed by the Master's or Priest's House on the site of the Leper's Hospital. Over the past few weeks, the house has been going through a transformation, with scaffolding going up and a roof, because finally some work is going to be done to save the building before it falls down and is lost to the the country. The remains of a Medieval hospital founded by Roger Earl of Warwick, about the end of the reign of Henry I (1100-1135). Its small endowment was originally intended for the benefit of lepers. Information on wardens and the history of the Hospital exists from 1275. In 1535 it was given to Richard Fisher in exchange for rent and the provision of money and four beds to the poor. Philip and Mary revived the religious character of the foundation. The last known master was appointed in 1557. It is classified by English Heritage as a scheduled monument. We certainly are looking forward to see what work is carried out to save this unique building.
Back home there was so cat ice in the winding hole. The sun had not reached the grass, so it was still thick with frost. Once on board, I re-lit the back cabin stove and stoked up the saloon stove, to keep the boat nice and toasty. I did not do any baking yesterday, so I turned my attention to baking a few muffins to last the week. One of my boat shores once a fortnight over the Winter is to change the disposable nappies I lay under the floor in the back cabin and galley. Why you ask? Well they soak up the condensation that always gathers under the floor through the Winter months. I buy the cheapest nappies, but they do a wonderful job and it means that we are not living with water under our flooring for the whole of the Winter. Another job done, it was time to cook lunch, check the post and natter to other boaters on site. I am not a soap opera lover, but I reckon we could have our very own soap opera in the Arm and it would be a hit, with all that goes on around here.
Monday has been a wonderful day. I will be ending it with my feet up and a coffee in my hand.

Pop back soon xxx

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