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Saturday 25 January 2020

Philosophical mood.

Dear family, friends and followers.

Of late I have been doing a lot of thinking, which has meant putting life into perspective. This has come about, because of losing wonderful friends to illness, all of them far too young to go so soon. Everyone at some time goes through tough times in their lives. How we deal with those tough times, can end up defining who we are and how strong we are. I know because of the things I have been through in my life, some have left their mark, but others have definitely made me stronger and tougher. I have learnt to be more independent, mainly through the help of hubby, who has always made me stand on my own two feet, which I love him for. His philosophy is that because he is older than me by Ten years, he is likely to go first and so he wants me to be independent and able to cope should he go first. Of course we all know that does not always happen, because age is not a marker for when you will die, but it has made me sit back and really think about my life and how much I cherish each and every moment. Good things happen as well as bad things, but for some reason we always tend to remember more of the bad things. These shape our lives in many ways.
The saying in the picture at the top of the post says " Cutting people out of my life doesn't mean I hate them. It simply means I respect myself". This for me is so very true. I have cut people out of my life, because I could no longer have them in my life causing me pain. We all only get one stab at this life (as far as we know) and I for one do not like confrontation. To avoid this, I chosen to cut ties with certain people. I do not hate, because hate maybe a small word, but it has a huge meaning. It just means that I do not wish to have toxic people invading my space. Now that may seem really harsh, but this is my one shot at life and I plan on having a peaceful space to live out my days.

However sometimes in life, someone will come along who you just click with. They will add sunshine to your day. And happiness to your heart. And you'll wonder how you ever got through life without them. They are your sunshine on a dull day and laughter in your heart. These are the people who deserve to be in my life. I do not have room in my life for people with ulterior motives. But I will share my life with those, who respect me for who I am and what I have been through.

Pop back soon xxx

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