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Wednesday 1 January 2020

Happy New Year Folks.

Hello family, friends and followers.

Here we are in a brand new year and decade. I hope that it brings you much joy, happiness, good health and laughter. Remember we only have but one life (as far as we know) so make the most of each day. I am for some reason feeling that this is going to be another special year in so many ways. I have a spring in my step and a huge smile, just thinking of all the wonderful things that may come my way in 2020.
We saw this new day in, having watched a film, we went to our local put, who had advertised free food and drink between 7 pm and 8 pm, so we thought we would go and join in. But firstly the free drinks were taken off the poster, which should of let of the alarm bells. We thought well never mind we are happy to buy drinks, which we did on arrival. We sat there and watched 7 pm pass and 7.15 pm pass and no food. 7.30 pm passed and still no food and then by 7.45 pm we decided that we would head home and I would make us something to eat. I had thought that perhaps there were not enough people their for them to warrant doing food, but even so they should of told everyone. This did not get the evening off to a good start. We got home and I made us some toasties and we sat and watched a film before we turned over to BBC1 and saw the end of The Graham Norton Show, which amongst others Tom Hanks was on of his guests. I love him as an actor and his seems to be a genuinely wonderful man. After that we continued with the run into the New Year with music from Craig David from the bank of the Thames, with Roman Kemp presenting. We have for many years toasted in the New Year with a tot of Whiskey. This time I had to open a new bottle of Highland Park. This proved problematic, because the cork had become fragile and it broke off in the neck of the bottle. I tried to remove it with a corkscrew, but this made matters worse and the cork slid down the neck of the bottle and into the whiskey. Horror of horrors, what to do now? The only thing for it was to strain the bottle of whiskey into a decanter, phew whiskey saved. With tot glasses filled, we sat and waited for the bong of big Ben, who was given permission to bong, even though the tower is having a lot of restoration work done on it. The fire work display was as always outstanding, but it did make me wonder how much air pollution was taking place?
2020 was no official and so we drank the last of our tots and headed off to bed in the knowledge that we were now in a brand new decade as well. I was woken at 8 am by my phone turning itself on and lots of pings from folk wishing me a Happy New Year. I did not bother to do any of that on my phone. It was all done on my Facebook page early doors and that was that. I got up and made us a cuppa and then we sat in bed and watched the first BBC 1 breakfast news of the year. Sadly the heartbreaking scenes in Australia, make you realise how fragile life is and how mother mature kicks off big time sometimes. The bush fires are really scary and when there is loss of life it puts your own life into perspective. Many people have lost everything, their homes, cars and possessions, but they have their lives. Material things can always be replaced. Of course the keepsakes and family photographs are always heart wrenching to lose. We have friends out there, which I keep in touch with to make sure they are safe.
9 am time to get up and start the boat chores, which this morning included doing the fire and emptying a toilet cassette. yes I sure know how to live. The plan for the morning was to get the jobs done and then go for a nice walk. It was overcast, but mild out so at 10.30 am we closed the boat up and headed off down to St. Nicholas Park for a walk around the park and down alongside the River Avon.
We stopped and had a coffee and chocolate brownie at the parks cafe, which is now open all Winter. When we have previously walked down to the park, it has always been closed, so today it was a nice bonus. There were lots of people walking and cycling around the park with their dogs and children riding their brand new Christmas bikes. What was lovely though, were the amount of people who smiled, said "hello" and wished us a Happy New Year when I greeted them. That is one of my things. I always like to say "Hello" to folk. Of course some will always speak back, but many these days will either ignore you or mumble into their coat. Come on lets all make an effort to great folk with a smile and a "hello". After all a kind word or a smile cost nothing, but either could make someones day.
When we did this walk a couple of years ago, the sun was shining, but today it was overcast.
We walked out of the park and up past Warwick Castle and back into the town.
We had thought we would have lunch at our favourite Thai but it did not seem to be open, so Keith suggested we try the Giggling Squid Thai restaurant, which has been in Warwick a couple of years and yet we had not tried it.
Today was the day to give the Giggling Squid a go and we were so pleased we did, because the food was fantastic as was the service. We will definitely be going their again. Warwick has so many wonderful places to eat, so we are kind of spoiled for choice. After a lovely leisurely lunch and drink, we took a leisurely stroll home. I am going to be spending the afternoon watching films and feet up. Tomorrow will be just a normal day and I may even take the decorations down. Seldom do I leave them up for the 12 days of Christmas, because they collect dust from the fire and to be honest the only people looking at them is Keith and I. Not only that by taking them down I can get on and give the place a good clean.

If you are a first time reader to my ramblings or have been with me from the start. I wish you and yours a Very Happy New Year.

Pop back soon xxx

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