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Monday 27 January 2020

Weekend work.

Dear family, friends and followers.

A dull weekend, weather wise. Saturday began fine enough, but the sun never got to shine all day. I decided that the weather was not going to put me off getting some work done outside. The hedge up the steps by us was getting overgrown, so I took the shears to it. I cut it back and then swept the steps to make it clean and safe for the walkers who use the steps on a daily basis.
After a coffee break, I took myself off down to the Sensory Garden we have in the Arm. I took my loppers, secateurs and wheelbarrow with me, with a view to doing a couple of hours of cutting back.
This is the before I started.
Unfortunately nothing got done to the gardens last year, which has ment they have been let go a bit. But I like a challenge.
I got the right hand side of the garden done before I stopped to go and cook some lunch. Already the light in being let in to the beds, making it much nicer. I cooked us some lunch and then got chatting to a friend who popped in to see us.
After lunch, I spent the next hour clearing the left hand side of the garden. It will need digging and all the leaves need clearing away, but I can see the wood from the trees now, which is 100% better than it had been. I had done a couple of hours, which was my plan, so it was back to the boat to wash-up and have a coffee, before settling down to watch a couple of Westerns. 
Having been out in the fresh air and got some gardening done, I felt so much better in myself. Hopefully over the coming week, I will get the rest of the work done.
As the afternoon drew into the evening, it is noticeable that the evenings are getting much lighter. Spring will soon be here. The evening was spent watching westerns. I am a lover of everything western. One of the evenings films was Open Range starring Kevin Costner, who also directed the film. It was very good. I did not stop up to watch all of Centurion, because I felt shattered.

Sunday morning dawned and a cuppa was consumed in bed, whilst listening to the radio, because the TV is not getting a signal again, so we need to do more investigating as to what is going on. It was a bright start and very mild out. Once up and about, first job of the day was to change the water pump,  because yesterday it began to sound like it was dying. We always have a spare for such issues. The spare is actually one we repaired some years ago, because it was leaking. Hubby swapped the pumps over and all was well in the water pump world. I stoked the fire and got that going. I then got on with preparing veggies for a roast lunch. On today's menu was Chicken fillets cooked in butter and garlic, roast parsnips, carrots and sweet potatoes, steamed sprouts and to finish it off stuffing and gravy. All washed down with a beer.
Lunch as it turned out was a huge success (of course, I would day that, I cooked it), it was all the better for the beer to wash it down. Today being Sunday means an afternoon of films, beginning with 'The Parent Trap' starring Lindsay Lohan. The brightness of the day was replaced with rain, which was forecast. During the morning I had put some food out for our Bank Voles.
They really are the most amusing little creatures. It was very clear that breakfast was not going to be shared and so a small fight broke out. I really must teach them some manners or to share. It is lovely watching them though. There antics are really funny and could brighten anyone days (only if your not scared of them).
My Sunday ended with me watching films. Before bed we watched 'Cliff Hanger' starring Sylvester Stallone. We have not see that film for years, so it was nice to get a refresher.

Pop back soon xxx

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