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Sunday 19 January 2020

Finally some cold weather.

Dear family, friends and followers.

Wooo hoooo woke up on Saturday morning and we had a full-blown frost. The temperature had been down to -3 c over night and Jack Frost had left his calling card. It is so wonderful to have some proper cold weather after all the mild temperatures we have had. The birds were all waiting for their breakfast, even Mr Robin was waiting on his usual post, tweeting away as if saying "Good Morning, please feed me". Who am I to ignore a tweet for food. I also fed my our Bank Voles, who were in silent slumber in the wood pile. They did not get up till gone 10 am, by which time Mr Robin, the Blue Tits, Wood Pigeon and other birds had had their breakfast and were going about their daily mooching. We had have issues with the Wood Pigeons and Magpie eating all the food, so I came up with a cunning plan to help the smaller birds get enough food. I have put some large hole Chicken wire around the feeding area of the table, which means the Wood Pigeon and the Magpies cannot nick all the food. This completely confused the Wood Pigeons, and they still have not worked it out. I am hoping that his allows our smaller birds get to enjoy more of the food from now on.
After the frost had lifted and it was warmer out, we finished off some more of the pontoon with the smaller hole Chicken wire. We have not got enough to do the whole thing, but what is fine, because a bench covers some of it and pallets for the coal covers the rest. I am so pleased to have got this job done and hope that there will be no more slipping over on my part, because my hip is still sore.

With all jobs for the day done, it was time to put feet up and watch the afternoon movies, with a coffee in hand. Of course being someone who can multi task, I was also on line chatting to one of my girls and then playing Candy Crush.
Sunday morning dawned with another frost. The temperature got down to -4.5 c over night, leaving us with another heavy frost. Before crawling out of bed for the day, I made us a cuppa and crept back beneath the duvet. For some reason this past few days we have had no TV signal, so we have been listening to the radio instead. Once up and about, I re-lit the back cabin stove again and made up the saloon stove. After breakfast, I put some food out for our garden visitors, who were all waiting for me to put some seed out, when I say all the Bank Voles were still in bed.
Mr Robin with his shiny Orange breast, was very chirpy as I put some meal worms on the bird table. I would like to think he was saying "Thank you" for the food I was about to give him.
About 9.40 am the first Bank Vole appeared, grabbing a peanut for its breakfast. It did not take long for their food to go. I think they must have a food store in the log pile somewhere and a nice snuggly bed. Ok I know I am being a little romantic with my love of the dear little Bank Voles, but they are so very sweet. I have a friend Joanna in Canada who writes books about mice and the fun they get up to.
I rather like to think that my Bank Voles would be getting up to just as much fun.
After lunch, it was time to stoke the fires, wash up and get a few jobs done. Sunday as you know is my day of doing very little, but boat chores always have to be done, otherwise we would not function.
As the morning wore into the afternoon, the frost and the clear sky dwindled and it was replaced by fog rolling along the canal. We are expected to get another frost tonight. TV went on and I sat down to watch 'Meet Joe Black' another of my favourite films. I am not one for horror films. Give me romance and flowers any day, along with westerns. I am a John Wayne fan, I love his movies, especially the cowboy ones. I think we all have our favoured actors, actresses and directors.
Here we are almost at the beginning of another week as we hurtle towards the end of January and the UK leaving Europe on the 31st of January. I know, I know I do not do politics on my blog, but it is most definitely going to be a defining day in the countries history, whether it be good or bad. We will all just have to wait and see.

Pop back soon xx

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