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Thursday 30 January 2020

Brexit Eve.

Dear family, friends and followers.

Good evening from a nice cozy boat. I just had to post the picture at the top of my rambling tonight, because it had me giggling. I reckon we all need a good giggle at times. Someone posted it on my Twitter feed and so thought I would share it.
Here we are on the eve of Brexit (British Exit). Tomorrow evening at 11 pm we will no longer be in Europe.

I have had a day of running about, feeding the wildlife and us, plus chatting to lots of boating friends.
We have finally found out what is wrong with our TV signal. Hubby got his thingy out. I have no idea what it is really called, but it measures how much signal you have. We took measurements from two of the junction points and there was a signal going to them both hooray we both thought. But when we measure between the second point and our point, there was nothing. So the problem is between those two points. It is not the actual box, it is the cable. We suspect it has got trapped under our bunker, which was built by the previous moorer and has probably worn through or maybe the rats have been eating at it, because in the 40 ft which it runs to the junction, it is under the pontoons. Anyway we need to replace 40 metre's of it, which is on order already. Hopefully this will solve the issue and we can have our TV signal back, because we both enjoy sitting in bed of a morning with a cuppa, watching the morning news.

Once we are up and about of a morning, the boat chores are done and one of my first jobs is to put the bird feeder out. I bring it in every night, to stop the rats nicking the food. So each morning I hang the feeder over the water and who is always sat waiting? That would be Mr Robin, who sits on either the bunker of the fence waiting for breakfast. He is getting so brave that he will try to get on the feeder before it is hung. I am still trying to tempt him onto my hand. The reason we hang it over the water is so that any food dropped by the birds goes into the water and not onto the pontoon or garden, where the rats can get to it. I did leave the feeder out once and when laid in bed, we could hear a rat or rats on the feeder over the water. They had climbed along the rope and chain and down onto the feeder. They are such cunning little devils and whist they do not frighten me (I grew up on a farm with rats), they are not encouraged and yet they are where ever any of us live, we just do not see them in the daytime.

The one lovely thing about being on our mooring for the Winter, is I get to chat with our Winter moorers and other residential boaters, because we are all in enjoying the fact that we are on the electric and have a nice place to moor. Our residential mooring is such a wonderful place and it is so peaceful. Today I got to natter to a few of the moorers, we got to put the world to right and chat about our Summer cruising plans. It is about this time of the year, that we all get itchy feet (a boating term, when stationary for to long). We are all looking forward to getting out onto the cut and cruising.
As the day wore into the evening, we were gifted a superb sunset over the Arm. My evening will be spent catching-up with online things and the 9 pm film which tonight is Snowpiercer starring Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton and Jamie Bell. I will let you know what I think about it tomorrow.

Pop back soon xxx

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