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Wednesday 29 January 2020

Leamington-Spa here we come.

Dear family, friends and followers.

I hope this rambling finds everyone in fine fettle?
You know you can leave me messages and I will reply as long as you leave your name with them. It is always lovely to hear what you have to say. it also makes me feel I am not alone :-)

Wednesday dawned after what was a restless night. I had something on my mind when I went to bed and it must have bugged me all night, because I could not stop thinking about something that had been said to me during Tuesday. I am the sort of person, that when I am told something, I never repeat it to anyone unless told otherwise. It is just the way I am. So when you find out that someone else who was also in the know has been gossiping about things said, it is very annoying. It is even more annoying when it is hurting someone else's feelings. Why people have to be so cruel I do not know. There is enough sadness and spite in the world, without it being in my life as well. Anyway this issue kept me tossing and turning, because I have to decide what too do. I have to decide whether to keep schtum and see what happens, or to wade in and have my say?
What would you do?
Once a wake with a cuppa in my hand. It was time to decide what the day would bring. The forecast for the day was nice after another frost, so we thought we would get the bikes out and cycle into Leamington-Spa. Before anything though we had to get ourselves up and about. The fire needed sorting and other boat chores had to be done. 10.30 am we got Hetty (my bike) and hubbys bike out of the locker and put the wheels on. I have to pump the tyre's up on Hetty, because to get the wheels off we always have to let the tyre's down. To get to Leamington-Spa we cycled down the towpath towards Leamington-Spa. The towpaths were muddy with puddles and in places rather narrow, so I was not for hurrying. I let hubby go ahead, because I knew he would be much faster than me, although he did keep stopping to make sure I was alright. My behind is really not used to a bike saddle, even though this one is padded, it still hurt. Once we got close to Leamington-Spa we moved onto the road into the town centre. We found some bike racks near the town hall and chained both the bikes together. My legs felt a bit like jelly for a while. I am not as young as I used too be. Anyway I soon walked it off, as we did the charity shops walk. The only thing I came away with was a book, 'The Narrowboat Girls' by Rosie Archer. I have not read this one before, so it will be an interesting read. We had lunch at our favourite Chinese buffet, before heading back to the bikes and the cycle home. We decided to go via the roads back to Warwick and whilst no mud or puddles, we did have a couple of hills to climb puff, pant, puff, pant. I really need to get fitter. I got totally cut up by a 4x4, who was being impatient, but I am just a cyclist, so what does it matter? Some people need to chill-out a bit and allow others to also use the road.
We got back home, put the bikes away and I made us a much needed coffee. Hetty has now had her second outing and hubby and I both enjoyed the day out. It is something we will do again and it does save me bus fare. Because we will soon hopefully be heading out cruising, we will need to go to Leamington-Spa again to get a few stock items, which we take with us. I reckon we will be cycling in again sometime soon.
As the afternoon wore into the evening, I found myself being more sedentary. It was just so easy to stay sat down in front of the TV with my feet up. It will be interesting to see if my legs ache tomorrow. The joy of being sedentary is I also got to catch-up with e-mails and this rambling. Tomorrow will be a day of getting out there and doing something, because I am not one for sitting for long as you all know.

See you for some more rambling soon xx

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