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Wednesday 8 January 2020

Up with the dawn chorus.

Hello family, friends and follower.

You will all be pleased to read, I did actually get out for my walk yesterday afternoon. There was a gap in the weather and so off I went. I never really decide where I am walking until I set off. I feel that I will be greeted by nice surprises if I do a different walk every day. The afternoons walk took me across the canal a couple of times, up Cape Road and back down Birmingham road. In all I did 1.266 miles, which whilst not that far, it was enough for the day. By the time I got back, it was time for a nice coffee and a sit down to watch an afternoon film, before sorting our dinner. Over the weekend, the hives made an very unwelcome return, so I have been keeping a food diary, in order to try and figure out what has been setting me off.
Today I was awake with the dawn chorus, with a purpose because I had to be at the GP surgery for 8 am to have blood tests done again. I gave my armful of blood to numerous blood tests. At one point the nurse and I had to give the vein a good talking to, because it was getting slower and slower at giving away my precious red gold. Eventually we persuaded it to let the last drop drip into the tube and I was on my way into town. I then hung around in town until 11 am because I had to see my GP. There was little point in me walking back to the boat, only to have to walk back for 11 am, so I went and had a coffee and a tea cake in the local cafe Tuckey's. At 9 am I strolled around the charity shops, buying another Annie Murray book 'The ladies of Lilac Street which has been added to to my collection and a pair of green trousers, which I had been looking for for a while. I met a few people I know and had a natter, which took up some of my time. Eventually the time came for me to walk to the surgery, where I was seen on time. My scan was inconclusive, so hoping the second lot of blood tests helps, but I am also being referred to the hospital. Oh the joys it is now my turn to be on the NHS treadmill. This could of course put pay to any early cruising this year, but health comes first every time. Hoping I will know more by the end of the week. Keith came and met me at the surgery and took me to lunch at our favourite Thai restaurant, which was fabulous as always. We then took a leisurely stroll back home and coffee was made.
I am hoping that tomorrow I maybe able to get out in the garden a bit, but we will see what the weather has to say and how I feel.

Pop back soon xx

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