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Sunday 5 January 2020

New Year, new jobs.

Hello family, friends and followers.

Happy Anniversary to us today. Today 15 years ago we moved onto the cut and have not looked back since.

Here we are five days into 2020 and already we have begun to get on top of the jobs for the year.
Since we moved onto our new mooring in October, we knew both our bunkers needed new felt because they were both leaking. As a temporary measure we covered the bunkers with brown tarpaulin, which has worked well on one bunker, but the other one was still leaking. With the amount of rain we have had since coming home, we have hardly had any dry days to get the felting job done, but this morning was the morning to get the job done.
We had thought we may only get the one bunker completed, but as it turned out the job was much easier than first thought and so we did them both. This bunker is the older of the two and will need further work, when we have the money, but for now making it water tight was the most important thing.
Jobs a good-un. This should last a while.
Bunker two all done for a few more years.
Whilst we were sorting the bunkers out, I was nipping in and out of the boat cooking jacket potatoes for lunch. Inspired by having one last Monday whilst out lock wheeling, I felt compelled to have another, but this time done by me. So I baked two potatoes and a breast of chicken for lunch and made some homemade coleslaw. After finishing the two bunkers, it was time for lunch. We could not have timed that any better and lunch was really lovely. We had fruit and yogurt for pudding.
Sunday's for me has always been a day of doing very little, but when the weather is good and you need a job done, you just have to get on with it. The rest of my afternoon will be filled with filling the water tank, washing up and putting the laundry away. I will even find time to watch a Sunday film. Today's film of choice is Jumanji ( the Robin Williams version).
This Winter has been so mild so far, that we already have bulbs coming up. If we get a cold snap, they will all wish they were back underground. The garden is pretty much weed free at the moment, which is a bonus and we still have our Bank Voles. Mr Robin paid us a visit this morning, hoping to be fed and who was I to say "No". He followed us up and down the garden, picking off bugs he spotted along the way. I am hoping that I maybe able to hand feed him eventually.
As we head towards week two of 2020, I have health issues to take care of, so there will be visits to the GP this coming week. If things do not go my way, it looks like we may have to postpone leaving for our Summer cruising at the beginning of March, but we will see how things go. No point worrying until I have to.
May your week be filled with lots of wonderful things, but most of all good health and happiness.

Pop back soon xx

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