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Tuesday 28 January 2020

Brexit week.

Dear family, friends and followers.

Another week, but this is like no other week. This is the week when the United Kingdom leave Europe. Oh I know I do not get political on my blog, but this is a monumental thing which we are doing, so much so that on Friday a new 50 pence coin is coming out to celebrate the occasion.
Apparently there are those who wanted to remain in Europe, who are going to refuse to accept these coins in their change. Some are even saying they will throw them away. REALLY? Come on folks it is money. Since when does anyone throw money away. it is just a coin. They reckon that it could take as long as Six months for them to filter down into our pockets and purses. If I am fortunate to get one, I think I will hold onto it for a while, but eventually it will be spent, because we are not in the group who can afford to throw money away. With Friday being the day we walk away from Europe, their rules and regulations, for us it will be just another day. Ok Politics done.

Monday morning dawned after a night of heavy rain. It rained so hard it came into the engine room through the doors somehow. I have to admit I did not hear it all night, because having stayed up to watch 'Cliff Hanger', I slept like a baby. Still no TV signal, so we listened to the radio whilst enjoying our first cuppa of the day. Once up and about, I went for my morning stroll. The roads were rather busy this morning, with impatient drivers beeping horns and playing very loud music from their cars. I have never understood why people feel the need to play the music so loud with the windows open. Do they have to open the windows, because they have the music so loud. Or are they just showing off. What they fail to realise is, not everyone will like the music or how loud it is. I suppose it could be classed as noise pollution?

Back home to the peace of our boat. It was time to get some chores done, the first being the fire. I like to get that done first and all cleared away. We then had the job of changing the seal on one of our toilet cassettes. Of late it has been leaking a lot and therefore needed changing. Because the toilet is over 12 years old, the seals do not work as well anymore, so to help with the sealing process, we have added a cork seal underneath the rubber one to boast it a bit, so it connects with the rim of the toilet. I tried using sealant, but that did not stop the leakage. But we have tried the cork on the other cassette and it seems to make things a lot better. The other option is to buy a new toilet, but they do not make the one we have anymore. It is all basically wear and tear over the years, so the sealing process is not so tight. Anything as they say is worth a try. Toilets are a big talking point among boaters. Nearly all conversations end up with natter about toilets.
The rest of Monday was pretty uneventful, it was all about watching TV, eating and then off to bed.

Tuesday dawned with a bit of a frost and a definite drop in temperature outside, but at least the sun was shiming. The plan for the day was to get an early laundry wash in and then get back to the boat to stoke the fire, eat breakfast and enjoy a coffee and that is exactly how it all turned out. Whilst I did all of that a beef stew was warming through on the stove, ready for dumplings to be added for lunch. Hubby went to check out a junction box on a neighbour's mooring for our TV, but we are still without a signal, so we will have to think again. After a lovely stew and dumpling lunch, I walked into town to get my old pair of glasses tightened up and to pick up hubby's prescription from the chemists. I then joined the ladies for an afternoon coffee. Over the Winter months the ladies who Winter moor in the arm and I get together for a coffee and a natter once a month. It is always great fun, with many topics being discussed. It is also a chance to get away from the boat for a couple of hours and have a bit of female company. There is always a lot of chatter, which does not including boating or toilets.
It has been a fabulous day in many ways and tomorrow we are another day closer to Brexit.

Pop back soon xxx

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