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Friday 7 May 2010

Am I Bothered.

Good morning folks.

If you were one of those who sat up all night watching the Election results, then well done. Because I tried to watch the BBC's coverage and after the first half an hour I got bored and went to bed. I have my Lauren face on. 'Am I Bothered'. The answer to that is NO. Why oh why do they think we need to have a program all about the results, which starts a whole hour before the flippin results start coming in?
Then they showed the first ballet boxes from Sunderland being delivered to the counting station, because Sunderland were hoping to go for the quickest time to do a count. I am sorry, but surely they should be taking their time to count the votes, otherwise they could make mistakes, which could cost a party the election. At this point I lost the will to live and went to bed. I think they only need to announce the results, when they are all done and dusted, that would have been plenty. But I suppose there is so little on the TV these days, they have to fill the schedule with something. I do actually know of one couple who stayed up to 3am.......... Are they completely barking mad???
So ok thats the Election rant over with. I am not going to mention it again, I promise.

Brrrrrrrrrr it is chilly here once again and still people are coming for coal. This is amazing because at the end of March last year we had stopped selling coal, as it was so mild. The daytimes are nice, but it is the evenings and mornings which are still really cold. If this carries on I will be taking on some more coal soon, as well as Kindling and Toilet Blue.
Having got up later this morning, 8.15am to be exact, after a restless night. This was mainly due to my shoulder giving me jip. I am gonna have to bit the bullet and go and see the GP I think. My arm gets cramp, which is painful until it relaxes, so I may need something to make the muscle chillout. The Gel I have been using has helped a lot, but all this lack of sleep is gonna take its toll if I am not careful, especially as I have Keith to look after. He is not so good this morning and stayed in bed until 9.45am. So with me up and dressed. Pad got his walk and then I saw to breakfast and a cuppa. With that came a knock on the boat, a customer required some coal. They had come away without coal, which was left in their lock up. They had not expected it to turn this cold and their gas heating was eating up their gas bottles. Gas heating is fine on hire boats, but on liveaboards, it does not work to successfully. On our last boat, the heating could eat a bottle in two weeks, which is very expensive at £21+ a bottle. So I was happy to supply them with a bag of my finest Supertherm. I then delivered another bag of Taybrite to a boater in the basin. We of course stood chatting and putting the world to right, before I climbed into the hold to restack some of the coal and to do a count. Because I was so quiet, Keith thought I had fallen into the hold, so bless him he got up to see if I was ok. I was of course ok, just busy counting lol.
It is now coffee break time, so I am surfing Youtube for boating video's and have come across this one. A WAY OF LIFE LOST - THE MAGIC MYSTERY OF WORKING BOAT LIFE. I love watching the old boatmen and their families working their boats. This is well worth a look.

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