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Tuesday 11 May 2010

Busy Tuesday.

Hi friends.

Phewwww what a day it has been so far. Having had a much better nights sleep than of late. I woke up with a spring in my step. Maybe it was the anti-inflammatories that knocked me out. Whatever it was, it felt nice to wake up feeling refreshed for once. I was up at 8.30am and before I even laid up breakfast Paddy got his walk, as the poor boy was crossing his legs. Marmite was still snoozing in her bed. She lays awake most of the night, looking out of the porthole at the birds, so she needs to sleep allday.
With Paddy walked, I sorted breakfast out and a cuppa, whilst Keith was getting himself organised. Having set the mobile into life, I immediately got a text from Tesco to tell me our shopping was arriving between 11am and 12pm, so that meant I knew what time I had to play with, before the van arrived. I actually spent most of it chatting to Steff  on NB Annie Wright. We began with chatting about coal and ended up chatting about our other halfs and their health issues. It is nice to meet another boater. 11am came and so did our shopping, delivered by a young man who has been to us a few times now. Oh how grateful I am at the moment for my shopping coming by van, especially with this shoulder situation. So with the shopping stowed away, it was then lunchtime. I did Keith some soup and bread and butter, whilst I made myself a crisp sandwich. Yep a sandwich with Ready Salted Crisps in it. Every now and again I love a crisp sandwich. Was trying to eat my lunch when Hilary and Andy turned up, they were out with friends, and were going for some lunch in town. So we had a quick chat, before they went off to find somewhere to eat. I finally finished my lunch and hung out a board on the boat, explaining that we were not selling coal at the moment, I then headed down the town myself, as I needed to go to the bank and then to get some veggies. I also dropped off some clothing to Cancer Research. Over this past year I have lost some weight and some of my clothes have got to big for me, so it was time for them to go. It now gives me a good excuse to buy something new. I want some new jeans, but have not seen anything I like yet. It has now gone past 3pm and I feel like I could do with a nap. But if I sleep now, there is no way I will sleep tonight. Arghhhh napping in the afternoon, must mean I am getting old hahahaha. So it has been a busy morning. I am planning on a quiter afternoon and evening.

The funniest thing I have read today is about the Celebs, throwing their toys out of the pram, because Twitter wiped their fans of their Twitter pages LMAO. It seems that Twitter had a bug, which wiped everyone's followers back to zero. Are celebs honestly that shallow, that they throw a hissy fit at losing their followers?
I am quite sure, if these people are real followers, they will soon find their celebs again and the whole process can begin all over again. 

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