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Tuesday 25 May 2010

Kicking up a Rumpus.

Hi everyone.

Today has been a fabulous day. It all began with the usual walk along the towpath with Paddy. I have begun to take my camera with me again and oh boy was I glad I did, because there was a lot to photograph. The first thing I came across were these moorhens going at it hammer and nail. In fact there were two pairs scraping with each other, but I thought I would upload just one photo. It was like a boxing match with feet. The rumpus went on for five or more minutes, and ended with neither side winning.
No sooner had that rumpus died down, the swan family put in their first appearance on the water and to my surprize there were Nine little fluff balls. You can only see Eight in the photograph, but there was a Ninth, hiding behind the Pen, to shy to say hello it its public. It is so wonderful to see this family, after the disaster last year.
With Paddy walked and breakfast done. We decided that we would go down to the local radio station Hfm to say Happy Birthday to one of its presenters, who we have got to know really well. Before heading the station, we sent and bought a couple of boxes of cakes to help the celebration along and then caught a taxi to the radio station. Keith is still not 100%, so I did not want him over doing it. We were welcomed at the station with cups of coffee and a slice of Birthday cake from the Birthday boy. We also got the chance to sit in on Dave Smith's radio program. Now I do not want to make Dave big headed, but he is a fantastic DJ. As a local radio station Hfm is one of the best we know. They play such a diverse amount of music for all ages and always encourage the local community to get involved. We were as always made very welcome.
Having enjoyed a fanatastic morning with the gang, we took a leisurely stroll into the town and to Han the Chinese Restaurant where we enjoyed a sumptuous lunch. A two course meal for £8 each.
Having enjoyed our lunch, we got chatting to one of the young ladies who served us. She was fascinated by the fact that we live and work on a narrowboat, so we gave her a history lesson about the canals and invited her to come and see our boat. But whether she will is entirely up to her. By the time we had walked back to the boat, there were people having a picknick lunch on the Sanitary Station moorings. They were very pleased to see us, as they needed a pumpout card, to empty their pooh tank and with the office closed we were the nearest port of call for a pumpout card.
I am now sat watching 'Deal or no Deal'. I have always loved Noel Edmunds, ever since his days on 'Swap Shop' on Saturday mornings. It is going to be a chillout evening I reckon. So have a good day everyone. I am off now.

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