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Thursday 6 May 2010

Who Stole The Sun?

Who stole the sun?
I was up early this morning because I had a haor appointment at 9.30am. I also had to collect Keith's tablets. So was up and walking Paddy by 7.30am. It was so quiet, the only sound was the birds singing and a local dog barking. I do love the early mornings, when walking along the towpath. I usually meet up with a couple of other dog walkers and our dogs say good morning to each other, before we all go on our way. Mrs Swan is still sitting tightly on her nest. I have been told by boating friends that they have seen at least 3 eggs in the nest, so we are all hoping they hatch this year. The pair are elderly so, it may be a case that the cob does not have any lead left in his pencil.
I managed a quick cuppa and some breakfast, before heading off down to the Gp's to collect Keith's prescription. I am gonna be so glad when he is off of this medication, because it is not cheap. Still he cannot help being in so much pain. Hopefully after next week, we will be able to at least reduce it. Having collected his tablets, I then headed off for my hair cut. Now at one stage my hair was well down my back. Last year I had nine inches taken off and in January a further three inches. For weeks I have been pondering whether to have another three inches off, or to go more conservative and just have the ends taken off. As I sat in the hairdressers chair I was still undecided, so left it in the hands of Charlotte my stylist. She recommended that I just have an inch and a half off, because otherwise I would not be able to put it up properly. So that is what I went for. I only ever have a dry cut, because I am allergic to some shampoo's, but it still cost me £11.55p, which is the cheapest I could find around here. I am extremely pleased with the length now and think I will keep it this length from now on. Living and working a boat, means that my hair has to be easy to maintain. I cannot really have a style, because it would be hard to maintain. I can go months without being able to go to a hairdressers, which is fine by me, but would not be good if I had a proper style. So I keep it long, so I can put it up all the time when on the move.
Oh almost forgot. Yesterday having come back from the hospital, we had a visit from some friends, who used to own a narrowboat. They very kindly bought me some Tulips, hence the photograph at the beginning of this post. I do not get flowers very often, so these are a welcome addition to our galley.

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