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Monday 31 May 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy.

Hi Folks.

Us dear old Brits associate Bank Holiday weekends with one thing............ Yep you guessed it rain. And Saturday we were not disappointed. It absolutely chucked it down. So what did we do for the day you ask?
We went to the Crick Boat Show and walked around in the rain looking at all thinkings boaty. The one really lovely thing about Crick was the fact that we got to catch up with a lot of friends, we had not seen in a while. The Crick Boat Show has certainly taken a downward turn in the past three years. There are less stalls and marques, and this year there were even less exhibition boats. It was however nice to see some of the historic boats back in the marina, where they belong.

Yesterday (Sunday) I had the most wonderful day at Launde Abbey. It is situated in the heart of the East Midlands. You need to look behind the scaffolding to see a truly beautiful religious retreat. Now I am not religious, but friends asked if we would like to go to the flower festival and fair there and I am not one to turn down a day out.

The rain from Saturday had gone and it was replaced by sunshine and strong winds, which caused havoc with the tents for the craft fair. There is a very picturesque chapel attached to the beautiful house. I could see why people would want to retreat to this place.
We spent time looking around the gardens and the fair before having a buffet lunch.
A good day was had by all.
I reckon I could happily retreat to Launde Abbey, in a time of reflection if need be.

I trust that this Bank Holiday Monday is going to be kind to you and yours?

I woke up at the crack of dawn this morning. Infact the dawn chorus had just begun. I could hear one bird singing to its hearts content and then one by one more birds joined in. There is nothing nicer than hearing the first birds of the day. So there I was laying awake, trying not to think about the pain in my frozen shoulder and the other half woke up as well. I am pleased that I was able to go back to sleep until 7am. I am not good when I do not get enough sleep.

Waking up at 7am we lay in bed chatting, until the cat came a calling. I knew exactly what her problem was. She had no food. So I got up and dressed. Whilst I took the hound for a quickie wee, the other half did us both poached eggs on toast, which is always a nice way to start a day. We always have the local radio station on and try and have a go at their competitions. You don't win anything for the 3 of a kind comp, but if your in the top three you can have a record played. Now I never win anything, so was excited when I got an e-mail saying I was 3rd. wooooooo hooooo. I got to choose a song on the radio. So I went for No Regrets by The Walker Brothers. I bet your think, who the bloody hell are they?
The Walker Brothers were an American 1960s and 1970s pop group, comprising Scott Engel, John Maus, and Gary Leeds. Now do you remember them???
They had hits such as "No Regrets", "Make it easy on yourself" and "Were all alone". Come on you know them now surely?

Having had that nice surprise, it got me in the mood for getting some work done, so I attacked all the cupboards and draws. No not literally. I mean I have Spring cleaned them, got rid of all the rubbish and old tat. I am a bit of a horder unfortunately. But when it comes to to a point that I cannot keep them tidy anymore I will sort them out. So I now have nice clean cupboards and draws.
Today has been an odd sort of a day for me, because I have had my daughter in my thoughts. She would have been 25 years old today, had she survived. Sadly she died 8 hours after her birth. I really don't know where that 25 years has gone. But I do wonder if she was a live today what would she be like, what would she be doing with her life?
So it has been a mixed day for me really and yet I am not a maudling person. I have learnt to get on with my life, but she is never far from my thoughts.

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