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Wednesday 5 May 2010

A People Watcher.

Hi Folks.

This past couple of days, have been a little strange, because on the one hand I have been worried and on the other happy, this came to an end with K and I visiting the hospital for his pre-operation assessement this morning. Hopefully he is having his operation next week. I was up at 6.30am after a really bad nights sleep, to walk P, make breakfast and gets us ready for the train journey to Kettering. The journey is only about 10 minutes, but it takes a lot of preparation when living on a boat. Having got K organised, we walked to the station, which is a 15 to 20 minute walk. We then caught the 8.47am train which was 10 minutes late. Whilst we waited for the train, my people watching began. It amazes me that men dress themselves up in posh suits and elaborate ties and yet they do not clean their shoes. Yep 11 out of 12 people had dirty shoes, which had not seen polish for sometime. That is really letting the side down guys. As for the women, well this one lady in her mid 50's I would say, was wearing jogging bottoms tucked into her high heeled ankle boots, which looked really awful, it has to be said, but she clearly thought she looked the bees knees, the way she was swaggering along the platform, either that or she had one to many.
Men multi tasking is another thing I noticed. Now it is always said that men cannot multi task. I can report they can when it comes to their mobile phone. One of the work men at the station, was managing to talk on his phone and was washing windows at the same time. I could actually see him losing his phone in the bucket of water, which would have been very funny. Another young business man. One of the ones with unpolished shoes, had his mobile phone wedged between his ear and his shoulder, whilst he ccarried bags in both hands. So ladies men can multi task when they want to ha ha. The train arrived and we took the short journey to Kettering, where we then walked from the station to the hospital, which is another 15 minute walk. By the time we arrived at the Treatment Centre, we were both in need of a drink, but there was no time for that, because no sooner had we booked in, we were filling in forms and talking to the assessment nurse, who it has to be said was extremely nice. She gave us all the information we needed for K's operation. K had more blood taken. His veins are shutting down now, no sooner they are shown a needle, but eventually the nurse found a vein willing to give up it gold. he had another MRSA swab and yet another urine test. With leaflets in hand and advice given, we said goodbye and headed for the cafe for a much needed coffee. After coffee we decided to take the short walk into Kettering town centre, which is looking very sad indeed, with more shops having closed down since we were their in February. Kettering has really suffered in this recession, which is a real shame. It does make you wonder if they they will be able to recover. We did the Charity shops and the Shopping Centre and then it was time for some lunch, so we went to our favourite Chinese Buffet for lunch, which as always was fabulous. Our train home was not due for another hour, so we had a further stroll around the shops, before walking tiredly up to the station.
We are now back home and completely shattered. Thankfully I do not have to cook for dinner tonight, because we have already eaten. We are expecting some friends to drop by later, I just hope I can keep my eyes open long enough. I know I  will be going to bed early tonight.

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