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Thursday 27 May 2010

Three In A Bed.

Good afternoon.
Because we have been stuck here for so long, we get to watch a lot of TV. Over this past couple of weeks we have been watching 'Three In A Bed'. In case you have no idea what I am talking about. 'Three In A Bed' is all about Bed and Breakfast owners, who throw open their doors and take turns to stay with one another. They then pay what they consider fair for their stay. We have stayed in a few B&B's, all of which were very nice. We do not agree with paying huge amounts for somewhere to sleep and a meal and you look at some of the places already shown on this Channel 4 program and they are asking silly money for a simple concept.
This week it was the turn of Mike and Susie Skinner of West Sussex, they took on Steve and Nikki Dick of Arbor Low in the the Peak District, and Ray and Julie Bright of the Ashleigh Hotel in Bournemouth. It amazes me how nasty people can get about other peoples B&B's. Mike and Susie Skinner, had the most beautiful home, but Susie in my opinion was a nightmare, especially after a couple of drinks. She would insist on putting flower petals everywhere, including down the toilet arghhh. They did a nice breakfast, but even that had feathers sticking out of the Tomato ewwww. I did not like their over the top behaviour and they were very patronising about the others. Nikki and Steve had a pretty ordinary looking house, which they liked their guests to treat as a home from home. You even got your own lounge to use as you wished. It was what a I thought a lower end B&B, much more our taste. The downside was you did not get a Full English Breakfast and had to make your own toast. When we go away for B&B, we do expect breakfast to be served. Ray and Julie's seaside B&B, was actually a 10 bedroom hotel, but it was really nicely done out and they did a fabulous serve yourself Full English Breakfast from a buffet, which was excellant. Of course Mike and Susie the snobs I call them, picked loads of holes in both the other B&B's and it was really nothing constructive. They really wanted to win, even though Susie said she did not. That woman needs to get a reality check. In the end Nikki and Steve whose house is in the beautiful Peak District won the plague. I was just glad that the toffs from West Sussex did not get it. Susie was atotally over the top and I actually think she did not do her business any favours at all.

What did you think??

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