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Wednesday 26 May 2010

Eyes lids of lead.

So as I posted before, it was not a good night for either of us. Keith is going through withdrawl symptoms big time. He has aching limbs, the shakes and the sweats, which is not nice. But hey he at least he now knows what it is like for me with the Menopause ;0).
At 12 midday, a Tesco van arrived with my food order. It is an absolute godsend, having our supplies delivered to the boat. The young man even carries the shopping to the boat. Unfortunately he did it with a limp today, as he had pulled a muscle whilst out running last night. He thought it a good idea to take up running to get fit. It could not be futher from the truth. Running is not that good for you really. Swimming is much more affective and puts less strain on the body. Anyway he managed to get down the steps to the boat and I unloaded the boxes, whilst Keith stacked the shopping on the worktop. I then had the usual job of stowing the shopping away, in what is now a very tidy food cupboard. Tidy because I got down on my hands and knees this morning and sorted it out. Even the freezer is tidy as well. So a lack of sleep did not totally mess up my day.
I think today we have both been getting through the day on auto pilot. My stuff certainly strutted off at around 10am this morning. It however returned about an hour ago, when Terri and Dave from The Narrowboat Trust made a surprize visit to Keith and I. It was wonderful to see them both and to get chatting about everything we have all been through, because they have been through an awful lot over this past year health wise. So between Keith and Terri, they had a lot of medical history to natter about, and in amongst that we of course chatted about boats.
I am pretty sure I am gonna be going to bed early tonight, as my eyes are so tired today. The only thing that has kept me from napping, has been the looking out for the hire boats which are due back in today, ready for tomorrows turn around. All the private boats that were in for a couple of days, left this morning early, so we have space for a couple more private boats, should they wish to come into the basin, but it is now 5pm and no one has been and asked. I think they are either out on the towpath or they have got to their destinations. That destination is probably the Crick Boat Show, which takes place this Bank Holiday Weekend. We will not actually ever take our boat to the show, because when we asked last year about going, they wanted to charge us over £90 just to moor on the towpath, and this did not include the entrance fee for the site, which was £16 each for the weekend. Why would we want to pay that much money for a show, when we can go to smaller shows for just £10 for the boat and have a fabulous weekend.
I have just fed Paddy and Marmite and now it is time to put our dinner on, so I am off to raid the full fridge for tonights dinner. It is time for me to sign off.

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