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Monday 17 May 2010

Just when you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi folks.

Having enjoyed an up and down weekend with my shoulder. Here we are on a Monday and things are still not going right. Over the weekend, I think I told you on Saturday the Diclofenic was making me poorly, so I stopped them. This morning Keith and I both had appointments at the doctor's. Keith had good news, because he can start coming off of his pain killers. We will then really know if he is actually completely pain free. The doctor was pleased with his progress. There was nothing we did not already know in the letter to the doctor from the hospital, so we have to now wait for the biopsy results. Because we had over an hour to wait until my appointment, we decided to go and have a coffee in the town and to stroll around the Charity shops, as we always do. We then made it back to the surgery for my appointment with my doctor. I am to have some Physio, to see if they can free my shoulder up a little more. I could have a Cortisone , but the doctor who does them is stuck in Ireland, due to the Volcanic ash cloud. He has tried coming back by ferry, but they are booked solid. So my doctor is gonna ask him if I could benefit from having one. At the moment, it is fine if I do not move it quickly or at an odd angle. So there will be no swinging from the light fittings for me for a while. I will give the Physio a go and see if that helps. I also have some exercises I can try to see if that will release the joint. One good bit of news, was the fact that my blood pressure was down. The doctor had me lay back and think of peaceful things, which was more than the other doctor did. He had pulled my arm this way and that and then he took my BP, so no wonder it was high.
Having spent most of the morning down the town, we decided to have some lunch out, so went to the Waterfront, which is becoming our local for meal out of late. As always we both enjoyed our meals, before heading back to the boat. Keith decided that he was going to try and sort out the problem with the engine. When I say problem, I mean the problem with her only firing on one cylinder. We thought by having the fuel injector repaired all would be well, but oh no, nothing is ever that simple when it comes to us. So the new course of action was to strip the engine down again and remove the Copper washer, clean them, heat them up and put them back on the engine and hopefully that would do the job, as Keith reckoned we were getting air in somewhere.
Did it work??????????
No it did not. So we are still scratching our heads. The other thought that Keith has had, is that the Copper washers have had it and we need new ones, so this will mean limping to Braunston to Tony Redshaw's to get some replacements. None of this can happen until Keith gets the all clear for his biopsy results. So we put it all back together again and will leave it alone. Something is telling me that we are destined never to leave Market Harborough. I know that sounds stupid, but that is how it feels. Don't get me wrong I like Market Harborough, we have everything we need here, but Keith and I like to move as much as possible.
As the day draws to a close, I think I am going to be taking it easy and will see what tomorrow will bring. I hope your Monday has been a good one.

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