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Monday 24 May 2010

We have Cygnets.

Yesterday I was told that the local Pen and her Cob had at least One Cygnet, so of course it was great excitement, because last year their eggs never hatched. This was due to a combination of the weather and the fact that neither of the Swans were well. The Cob had a fishing hook in its neck. Which meant the RSPCA were called out to give them both a health check, as they were also very thin. Thankfully after removing the hook from the Cob's neck they were given the all clear.
This morning I walked Paddy down the towpath with my camera hanging around my neck in anticipation that I would get a photograph of the new addition. When Paddy and I got there, there was a couple already watching the nest. Apparently they had been there since 7am and it was now past 8am. Surprize, surprize the pair have at least Six Cygnets and two eggs in the nest, so they well end up with a family of Eight. I never ever get fed up with seeing the wildlife's offspring. We were hoping she would take them out on the water, but with two eggs still in the nest, she settled back down on them and her young and went to sleep. So we will have to see what happens over the next few days.
An Update on our Mallard and her ducklings. Well she started out with Thirteen and sadly they have been disappearing. We think they have either been taken by the Pike or the Mink, which we are know are around here. So mum now had Five very healthy Ducklings, which are now getting big. Each evening they come to the engine room door to be fed. We are hoping that these five survive and grow into healthy adults, as there are very few ducks down here.

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