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Sunday 2 May 2010

Welcome to May.

So this is May. Brrrrrrrr it is certainly not the start I had in mind. Where has the warm sunshine gone. It has been replaced with a cold northerly wind and rain. But I suppose that is what we should expect for a Bank Holiday. When I was down in the town the other day. I popped into Peacocks and saw some lovely halter neck toips and thought how lovely they would be for the summer. I am now wondering if the weather remains like this, would the halter neck tops ever see the light of day. Maybe I will hold fire on buying those. You can buy two for £6, one Black and one Red. Ohhhhhh as I type the sun just poked its head through the clouds. Not sure it will be here for long though, because there are black clouds over Bill's mother's.
It has to be said that I am feeling a tad jaded this morning, because I have not had much sleep. K had a bad night with pain and therefore at 4am I got up and made us a cuppa. Whilst filling the kettle, there was a rumbling noise coming from P's bed. It was his stomach rumbling, awwww bless. I climbed back into bed and sat drinking my cup of lovely hot tea. I woke with a start at 2.30am, when K was moaning with pain. I thought he was awake, but it seems he was a sleep. I dosed him up with more pain killers, but it took ages to get him settled again. I think the cup of tea helped. K is still in bed, trying to catch up on some sleep. I do not operate to well with very little sleep. But the show has to go on, so I was up just after 8am to walk P. It is rather chilly, due to a North wind and the towpath was muddy, due to all the rain overnight. We cannot really complain about the rain, because we have had very little of late. But us Brits love complaining about the weather for some reason. I took my camera with me this morning, hoping to get some photographs. I will take them off of the camera and see if there is anything worth posting later.

Did anyone watch 'Britain's Got Talent' last night?
OMG what was that man thinking about coming out with an Elephant on his you know what. Not only could he not sing, he could not skip either. It amazes me that these people believe they have talent. Talentless more like. I thought Olivia the 14 year old singer was a real talent and could go far, as were the group Connected, some very talent young lads. Different Dreams was a car crash. For 16 and 18 year old girls, they had were miserable, as well as talentless.

Congratulations to TV presenter Denise Van Outen and West End star Lee Mead on the birth of their first child. Denis Van Outen gave birth to daughter Betsy, who weighed 7lb 10oz (3.4kg) and was born at 1224 BST on Saturday.
Congratulations also goes to Rosie Swale Pope. Rosie a grandmother from Pembrokeshire hopes she has sprinted into the record books after completing 27 marathons in 27 consecutive days. She ended her 707 mile (1,137km) charity journey in her home town of Tenby on Saturday. That is some feat and not one I would ever want to attempt, so good on her. I hope she has raised lots of money for her Charities.

Other news from this past week, which I think was important.
Teacher Peter Harvey was cleared of attempted murder and causing GBH with intent. The science teacher who beat a pupil about the head with a dumbbell has been cleared of attempted murder. Peter Harvey had pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm, with intent, but he won't be going to jail for that either because he's already served eight months in jail.
A victory for common sense? OR Justice denied?
This man had already been off work for stress and when he went back to work, he told the teachers union that he was basically a teacher on the edge and may harm someone. This proved to be the case, when pupils taunted Mr Harvey and the class's unruly behaviour finally tipped him over the edge.
Now I am not by any means saying what Mr harvey did was acceptable, because it was not. But because there is no discipline in schools these days, some pupils believe they can get away with anything. The boy, a known trouble-maker, had told the teacher to "f*** off" when he tried to stop him messing about in class, this is totally not acceptable in any shape or form. If we had done this when I was at school, we would have been sent to the Headmaster and would have recieved the cane. I say bring back punishment in schools. Let the Headmaster/Mistress take control of their schools once more. Maybe this sort of situation can then be avoided in future. Mr Harvey is well aware that he could have killed this boy. Why was Mr Harvey not given more support?
The system is not just failing our teacher, it is also failing our children as well.

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