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Thursday 20 May 2010

A Good Tern.

Boat jobs are all done for the day. I got varnishing done on the galley doors and the back cabin doors, so they are all protected now against the weather. I also painted the back counter, so that is looking spik and span now, well that is until the dog digs his claws into the paint ans scratches it. I keep threatening to pull his claws out.
Over the past few days we have had a welcome visitors to the basin. They are Common Tern's. They have come to steal the fish in the basin. For those who do not know about Common Tern's. They feed by plunge-diving for fish, from either the sea or freshwater lakes and large rivers and in our case the basin. Everyday they have come and taken fish for what must be a growing family. It is an absolute pleasure to watch them going about their lives. We also have a new family of Moorhen babies. Mum and Dad have at least 6 young on the last count and I will try and get a photograph of them.
Whilst I was busy with the varnishing and painting. Keith was huffing and puffing over our engine, which is only firing on one cylinder. She is giving us cause for concern at the moment, especially as we had hoped to go to the Leicester River Festival, but that is now unlikely, as we need to sort the engine out first. I love getting my hands dirty and always try and help with the engine, after all I can learn a lot with being hands on. But there are times when it is best to stay well away and that is when Keith is getting stressed out, because of dog hairs on everything. Yes having a long haired dog, means his hair gets everywhere and I mean everywhere. So with the engine all opened up, it is not ideal to have Paddy's hair sticking to everything. But Paddy cannot help it and we have to deal with it. So it is back to the drawing board over the engine.
As it has been so hot today, we are having a Salad for dinner tonight and Yoghurt for afters. Then I am going to settle in front of the TV, until bedtime, because I did not sleep to well last night again, due to being to hot and my shoulder. Lets hope I can sleep better tonight.

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