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Wednesday 12 May 2010

Wet Wednesday.

Hi folks.

Well what can I say. It is wet outside, so a day to stay indoors I reckon.
This has been an Election free zone on purpose, because I find it all rather boring. All the coverage has got very Americanised, which may be great for America, but for us Brits it can bore us senseless. On saying that, I did watch the coverage of Gordon Brown resigning last night and of David Cameron taking over the keys of No10. Which although long winded was important news for everyone in the UK and across the world. So when I read that people complained about the coverage, I was a little bemused. It seems some people think that a soap opera is far more important, than who is running this fine country of ours.
"The BBC received over 100 complaints over delaying EastEnders for live coverage of the prime minister resigning, reports claim.

The BBC issued the following statement:
'We apologise for having to postpone EastEnders and appreciate it has a large fanbase who wish to keep up to speed with the lives of Albert Square residents, but as a public broadcaster we have a duty to ensure to public are aware of important news when it happens.'
I fail to see why the BBC felt they had to apologise, when this piece of news was important. Would this 100 people have complained if something had been blown up and it was suddenly reported. I bet not. Isn't it sad, that some people live their lives around the soaps. My first thought to that was GET A LIFE.

Ok rant over.
So here we are it is Wednesday and tomorrow Keith goes into hospital for his exploritory operation, hooray (I shout). I am so hoping that they find the cause of all his extreme pain. But neither of us are holding our breaths. Today we are going to be taking it easy. I need to get a few things organised for him to take with him. At the moment he is down as a day case, so he should be home later in the afternoon if all goes well. I will let you know on that.
I am trying to rest my shoulder, having been told I have a partly Frozen Shoulder. Resting it though is easier said than done, when I am right handed and it is my right shoulder which is affected. I do not have my arm in a sling, which I am told can make it worse. The best position is to let the arm hang naturally, so I am trying to do this as much as possible. Last night I slept with a pillow under my arm, which seemed to help and I will keep taking the tablets. Poor Keith is now having to do the lifting of heavier things for me, which is not helping him any. I am not one to be sitting around, especially when there are a lot of boat jobs that need doing still. But I have to be a good girl otherwise I may suffer for longer, which would not be good. Actually thinking about it. Should I even be typing on here????
If anyone knows can they please let me know ;0)

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