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Thursday 1 July 2010

Butty Dreams.

Good morning.

It is another fabulous morning weather wise. The sun is trying to come out and there is a breeze blowing, which should keep the heat down to a dull roar.

I had a night of dreaming. It felt like I was dreaming all night, but of course that was not the case.
What was I dreaming about you ask?

Photograph of BETELGEUSE, Vienna and Kestral.
I was dreaming about a butty. No not a jam butty. This is a butty, which goes with a motor. The other half has got it into his head that he wants one to go with our motor. We did look at one a few months ago. Cygnus was up for sale at Warwickshire Flyboats for £22,500, but for us it came to early. She was however a lovely butty, I fell in love with her. I have since heard that she has been sold and now has a nice new steel bottom. Her wooden bottom has been replaced. I look forward to seeing her out on the cut soon. So yep I dreamt about a butty last night and it was a rather strange dream. We had been told this butty BETELGEUSE was up for sale and so we went and looked at it. Remember this is just a dream. We actually passed BETELGEUSE yesterday, so that is probably way she was in my head. So back to the dream, from the outside it looked like any other butty, but on the inside it was a Tardis. The owners had stripped out all the original features and changed it into a nightmare. There was no back cabin with stove. It had been replaced with loads and loads of tiny cupboards and a gas stove. It was so impractical that I was so upset at what they had done to her. We then looked around the outside and she was such a mess. Her planking was all hanging off and she had been bodged up with bits of old wood and plastic. I walked away from her with a sad heart. I woke up feeling so sad.
Thankfully I know that BETELGEUSE is in good condition and owned by Pete Boyce, who is actually in the process of rebuilding NB Lucy. You may like to get involved with helping to raise funds to rebuild Lucy?
As far as I know BETELGEUSE is not up for sale. It was all in a dream I had last night.
Isn't it funny the sort of dreams we have. Why do we dream the things we do???

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