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Friday 27 May 2016

Consall Forge to Froghall Basin.

Yesterday we spent the day at Consall Forge below the Black Lion Pub.


We enjoyed a pint in the pub, walked up the Devils Stair case. 198 steps up and then another 198 down, so a real workout. This called for an ice cream at the pub.


We had a lovely view of Consall Forge Railway Station, alls we needed was for a Steam Train to come along.

This morning we set off for Froghall Tunnel, with the hope we could make it into the basin.


We had to move about 3 tonne of coal forward to get the bow down enough. We then stripped everything off the cabin and Keith crept through, whilst I walked to the other side of the 76 yard tunnel.


Hadar came out the otherside without a scratch, although Keith was on his knees.


We are now moored in the basin for the weekend.

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