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Friday, 10 June 2011

Coven to High Onn Bridge.

Hi Friends.

Yesterday afternoon we walked across an Oat field to the village of Coven for a nose around this pretty little village, which has a few shops for essentials and a lovely church. On the way back I suggested we take the long route back and have a drink at the Fox and Anchor, which is a lovely pub with a friendly atmosphere. Keith and I found ourselves a couple of comfy chairs and settled down with our beers.
Once back on the boat, I made us some meatballs in sauce with Spagetti for dinner. Because we wanted to make an early start, we were off to bed early, but at 9pm I heard a boat start up its engine. I had to investigate who it was, so I opened the back cabin doors to see a Viking Afloat hire boat puffing out smoke. There was a couple on the back deck laughing about something, so Igave them the evil eye and I think they got the message because by 9.30pm the engine was off and we were off to bed for some much needed sleep.
The alarm went off at 5am this morning and by 5.50am we were on the move. Our hope was to get through the narrows after the M54 bridge without meeting another boat coming in the opposite direction.
There was not another living soul around as we cruised through the narrows wooooo hoooo, that was such a relief. There are passing places along the narrow stretch, but for us to pull in would probably mean us grounding. So we were chuffed when we saw nothing else coming.
At Autherley Junction, I nipped off to do the lock as we arrived on the Shropshire Union Canal.
The Napton hire boats, were all moored up waiting to be used. We cruised past the Wolverhampton Boat Club, this part of the canal brings back memories but not in a good day. We we supposed to go to the IWA National Boat Rally at Autherley Junction in 2008, but having done the BCN Explorer cruise, we arrived at the rally on the Wednesday and left on the Thursday, because they had put us over a mile away from the site way past the boat club and we were over a foot away from the bank, with other boats expected to be alongside of us. We were told that entrance B was not opening for the rally due to security reasons, so we felt there was no point us being there, or for Roger the builder and Tina the painter to come down as no one was going to see the boat. having been made to feel very unwelcome we left and made our way to the Shackerstone rally instead, which sadly got cancelled that year due to flooding. So Autherley does not hold fond memories. However it did look nice in the early morning sunshine.
It appears that the Shropshire Union Canal Heron's like to stand on boats it seems. This one was not a bit bothered by us or the sound of our engine.
As we pootled along I saw a field smothered in Poppies, so Keith slowed down in a bridge 'ole to allow me to take this photograph. The field was stunning, sadly the photo does not do it justice.
Yet another Heron that likes standing on boats. This one however took flight.
Some of the bridges on the Shroppie are very tall and ornate in design. Avenue Bridge is one such bridge. It leads westward to Chillington Hall. We moved through a cutting which took us past the village of Brewood and its wharf which needs some TLC.
We crossed the Stretton Aqueduct, which has the Watling Street Roman Road running under it. The Aqueduct is rather elegant with its cast iron structure. Only one other lock today which was Wheaton Aston Lock and then we were off the long pound.
We made it to Wheaton Aston to fill up with fuel and was fortunate that a boat had just pulled away. At 72.9p a litre it is the cheapest diesel on the cut at the moment.
We left Turners garage and set off to wind the boat and hopefully find a mooring for the weekend. We ended up winding at High Onn Bridge and the reversing into a mooring in front of NB Dunham Dawdler owned by Roger and Sue who we know from Welford, because they have a mooring there. We spent some time nattering to them whilst they waited for a man to come and repair their boat. It was lovely to catch up with them.
Lunch was Cheese and Tomato rolls and a coffee. We have a good digital signal here, so this is going to be great for the F1 racing this weekend.
After lunch, I helped Keith to change the engine oil as she the engine had done 200 hours. With that done we then checked the alternator belts because for some odd reason the batteries did not charge properly yesterday. The belts seemed fine according to Keith, so we will keep an eye on it all over the next few days. The third and final job for the day was to tighten a nut on the breather pipe for the diesel tank, this had come loose which meant we had some diesel on the engine room floor. All jobs done and dusted, I now have to cook something for tonight's dinner, so I am off now.

Chat soon xx

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