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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Retail therapy.

Hi Folks.

My Sunday morning began with the chiming of the church bells at 7am, they are such a wonderful way to be woken up after a fantastic nights kip. Before getting up properly I made us both a cup of tea, which was as always enjoyed in bed, before we got up to start the days list of things to do.
First on my list was to walk Paddy, whilst I did that Keith began a cooked breakfast of Poached Eggs and Mushrooms on Toast mmmmmmm.
With it being Sunday none of the ships were open until 10am, so I made us a coffee,whilst we caught up on facebook and e-mails. I also put the generator on to charge the batteries.
10.15am coffee drunk, batteries charged and e-mails answered etc, we locked up the boat and headed over to the Carphone Warehouse to buy Keith a cheap phone, because his phone was dying a death and we only wanted something cheap. For £4.95 we got him a Samsung Phone, which we had to put a £10 top-up on, but this was worth it to get a cheap phone. From the Carphone Warehouse we went to Halfords, where we were hoping to find some water containers which we could use as waste containers for the toilet cassettes, should we get stuck with no elsan to empty the cassette. Unfortunately they did not have what we were looking for (CLICK). But we were not about to be down hearted, we then walked to Range and had a nose in there, but they did not have any either. It seems we were not to be lucky today. Oh well never mind we will keep looking. The only things we bought were Keith's phone, some carbon paper and duct tape, not exactly the biggest shopping bag ;0)
Back onboard I made us some lunch, we then took our small trolley and boxes into Sainsbury's and did a food shop which will last us for a week or more if we are lucky. Whilst I put the shopping away, Keith went to buy a lead for his phone so he could connect it to his computer. I then had to go back to Sainsbury's for a Lettuce, Cucumber and some Peppers. With my shoe rubber worn down, it was time to sit down and put my feet up for a while, so I sat watching Morse on ITV1. How I loved that program, it was very sad when John Thaw died. It is now time to feed mog and dog and to start some dinner, crank up the generator again to charge the batteries for the night and Keith will then take Paddy for his evening walk at 6pm. After that who knows what the evening will bring. All's I do know is that I have enjoyed my time in Kidderminster. Tomorrow morning we will be off to Stourport.

Chat soon xx

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