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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Whittington to Kidderminster.

Hi Friends.

My morning did not begin to early, as we were only making a short hop. So after a leisurely breakfast of Mushrooms on Toast, we set off at 10.45am and no sooner we had set off, I recognised NB Beau coming towards us with Trevor and his collie Ted on board. It must have been a couple of years since we saw them both, and it was wonderful to see them both looking so well. They had been down to Sharpness, which is where we will end up. Trevor headed towards the lock and we cruised onward after exchanging news.
The weather was set fair and with little to do lock wise, I was in for a quiet day work wise, which was rather nice.
Between the bridges 26 and 27 we passed from Staffordshire into Worcestershire. But the scenery does not change at all, it still remains beautiful.
I enjoy going through Cookley Tunnel, because it goes under homes which stand on its roof. I wonder if they can feel the vibration of our engine noise through the rock?
The canal swept round to Debdale Lock with its cavern carved out of the red sandstone. The cavern was used as an overnight stable for towing horses
Having left Debdale lock, I walked a long the gunwale to the bow in preparation of mooring up alongside NB Rome at Evelyn and Graham's home mooring. Try as we might we could not get in close to Rome, but Keith did manage to get the stern close to part of their piling, so we could at least get off of the boat with care. I got the Measham teapot out of storage, so Graham could have a look at it. We are hoping he can restore it for us. On closer inspection Graham agreed to take on the repairs, which pleased us no end. Evelyn and Graham run Lockside Antiques (CLICK) and they have an amazing knowledge and collection of Measham. Evelyn very kindly made us all some lunch which was enjoyed over a nice glass of wine and good conversation. Our visit with Evelyn and Graham was as always lovely. It was great to see them both looking so well, despite the fact that Evelyn has a bit of a cold.
We left Evelyn and Graham at 3.25pm and set off for Kidderminster just as it was beginning to rain. It did not just rain it chucked it down, so by the time we reached Wolverley Lock I was rather damp. As the shower stopped the sun came out and dried me out, so by the time we reached Kidderminster I was dry. The moorings were bare. Now this is either a good thing, or it could be because no one feels safe here. We will see I guess. Tomorrow we have to pick the alternator up and fit it, so it could be a busy old day for us. I also need to do a shop.
Had a lovely day one way or another.

Chat soon xx

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